Grand Southern 14th May - 8 June 2015

31 Aug 2014 JayH asked


Hey all, anyone else booked on the Grand Southern 14th May - 8th June?

  • 2 Sep 2014 KellyEsposa said


    There will always be something that we need to encounter in travelling such places. –

  • 9 Sep 2014 candicemccowen said


    yeahh so exciteddd :)

  • 10 Sep 2014 JayH said


    Hey Candice, so you are coming all the way from LA to NY? is this your first contiki? traveling with friends or solo? anything you are looking forward to the most?

  • 10 Sep 2014 candicemccowen said


    Hey jay,
    Im travelling with my friend Monique. Wbu?
    We arrive in LA a week before contiki starts and then stay an extra 2 weeks in NY after contiki ends :)
    So ive only travelled to cheap places like fiji and bali and were a little unsure on roughly how much spending money to bring. Can i ask how much you were thinking of bringing?
    Im probably most excited to go on contiki and travel with strangers haha it should be lots of fun wbu!

  • 10 Nov 2014 Kitty said


    Hey guys :) i’m on this trip too – LA through to NY. Will be on a 1 month stint down in Mexico on contiki before this trip too! can’t wait!!!

    Candice – it is hard to say about spending money because everyone is so different, but I budget on $75AUD per day (not including all the extras on the trip). The days you are on the bus travelling you tend not to spend as much so i’ve found $75 to be a good average :) hope that helps!



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