2014 Europe experience 15th Sept,Anyone?

3 Sep 2014 Daphne asked


Hello everyone, it's my first contiki tour and the first to travel in Europe! I'm so looking forward to this tour (starts from 15th Sept.)probably I may just go alone,if anyone join this tour as well,plz reply then we can meet online first!

  • 5 Sep 2014 Tom said


    Hi Daphne! I’m in a similar situation you’ll be glad to know! I’ve been to Europe a few times, I am a solo traveller and this is my first Contiki tour too, really looking forward to it!
    Where are you travelling from?

  • 7 Sep 2014 Daphne said


    Hello,Tom,so you join the “European experience” tour as well? It just starts from 16th Sept. in Paris!!

    Btw,it’s my first time to Europe! Lol

  • 7 Sep 2014 Tom said


    Hi again! I am indeed! I’ll be getting it from London as I live in the UK hence the 15th. Where abouts are you from? Are you definitely coming on this tour or checking out who’s on it first?
    You’ll really enjoy it! Especially the places we’re going to! I’ve been to Europe a few times

  • 8 Sep 2014 Daphne said


    it’s my first contiki tour and my first time to Europe~I hope I can meet you guys on time in Paris! Lol
    Yes,I’m definitely coming on this tour:))) c u next week!

    I’m from means Manderin’s my native language.the travel agent told me all ppl in contiki tour speak English*_*. ….mais je parle francais un peu:P

  • 10 Sep 2014 Tom said


    You’ll love Europe! Let’s hope you do meet us there!
    Wow you’ve travelled a fair way! Yes, you’ll be fine!



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