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Gypsies in europe

2 May 2010 Amy Cheverton said

Should we be worried about them lol
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  • 3 May 2010 Danielle said


    I wouldnt be too worried! Just keep your wits about you! Keep your bag close to you, dont flash your cash around, keep small amounts of cash in different places etc…

    Hope this helps??

    European Encounter April 2008
    European Vista May 2010

  • 3 May 2010 cdm115 said


    No, just be aware of them and their scams – that should be enough to keep you from being a victim.

  • 10 May 2010 Jetsettr Rhiannon said

    Jetsettr Rhiannon

    It’s not something to worry yourself over – it just pays to remain aware when they’re around and to be diligent about your belongings.

    For example, if you’re carrying a day bag, I like to carry it on the front of me rather than on my back and I always have a lock on the zips.

    You get to know who the gypsies are pretty quickly so if you see one walking toward you, pretend you’re a local, be confident, look them in the eye and say NO! That usually gets them on their way! If they stop you, they’ll try all sorts of scams so I find the best way is to move on as quickly as possible.

    If I can give you any other info, I’d be happy to help.


  • 10 May 2010 ColdGhost said


    So what exactly do you have to be careful about?
    Do they rob and pick pocket you?

    I’ve heard some crazy stories of them throwing their baby at tourists, and when they catch the baby they steal their bags. But I’m not sure how reliable that story is…

  • 10 May 2010 Jetsettr Rhiannon said

    Jetsettr Rhiannon

    Yes, they try to rob and pick-pocket you – and they can be incredibly stealth about it.

    I’ve heard those stories about being thrown babies as well. I haven’t seen it happen but to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be suprised if it were true.

    They tend to prey on the tourists that they see as unassuming so it really is just a case of being alert and keeping your belongings close.

    If you do that, you’ll most likely have no incidences.


  • 31 Jul 2010 Explorer1200432 said


    Also, don’t buy anything from them. They sell knock offs, which in some places (Venice), can get you arrested/fined.

  • 1 Aug 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    On top of what everyone else has said, there are stories and what to be careful about in the Contikipedia (in this website). Also, lonely planet guides are a good guide.

    The one where they have the game (coin toss or the like) mainly at tourist sites is pretty common. Rule is don’t play the game lol.

    Also, there may be times when someone starts talking to you. They may say something along the lines of ‘oh I have a cousin living there’ when you tell them where you’re from. I just found saying sorry, got to go i’m busy etc, works most of the time.

    There are other times when someone may say in a friendly way to go to a bar/club and then buy you a drink. When you get asked to pay a bill of 1000 euro and can’t afford it, they generally beat you up. Pretty full on but it’s true, it hasn’t happened to me before (knock on wood) but i’ve heard stories.

    There is also the common story of waiting at a bus/train stop and someone walking up and just taking your wallet/other stuff from your back pocket.

    Gnereally just keep your wits about you and you should be fine. It’s nothing to be stressed over.

  • 2 Aug 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    Also, there may be times when someone starts talking to you. They may say something along the lines of ‘oh I have a cousin living there’ when you tell them where you’re from. I just found saying sorry, got to go i’m busy etc, works most of the time.

    Sorry forgot to mention, with the above, it leads them to taking you to a store, trying to sell you stuff, or the like. Again, trying to coerce you out of a lot of money.

  • 2 Aug 2010 torz said


    I wouldn’t worry about it too much because it will take away the fun of your holiday.

    I would say, just be alert!!
    be careful at atm’s, dont leave your bags lying around, and if you ask a stranger to take a photo of you with your camera, be very careful also.

    Also being on a contiki tour, you will be a massive target because they know you are tourists, so carrying around alot of valuables etc.
    But like i said, be alert, it is nothing to lose sleep over and shouldnt stop you from having a good time. Luckilly no one on my tour had any problems!Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 27 Aug 2010 Jamie-Lee said


    and beware of the ones that come up and asj do you sepak english trying to hand you a sheet of paper for you to give them money to feed their kids although their kids are walikng behind them with maccas in their hand stuffing their face

  • 31 Aug 2010 Jamesh said


    Ive travelled to eastern europe a few times. You’ll almost certainly have no problems, but a couple of scams to look out for (especially in places like Prague) are:

    1. Beware anyone who asks to inspect your wallet, accusing you of illegially changing money.

    2. Be careful about anyone in plain clothes who pretends to be a train inspector, who wants to inspect your ticket and tries to fine you on the underground/trains. (ive had this happen to me).

    In both cases sometimes they will present what appears to be ID (usually a badge, but no photo).

    In both cases, simply ask them to take you to the police station to discuss this. A genuine policeman/official would happily comply with this, but anyone trying to scam you will always then back off. When I asked the guy quickly disappeared!

    Also, be very careful late at night taking short cuts through dark alleys/parks in eastern european cities. Keep to well lit streets if you can, even if its not the quickest way.

    And be very careful with attractive girls who may suddenly want to hug you in a club or pub, as thats a well known trick to steal your wallet.

  • 31 Aug 2010 Wez said


    If anyone tries to “give” you anything such as a flower or gift, ignore them and walk away. Pretend like you don’t speak English Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

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