4 Sep 2008 NicSta said

Hey Guyz,
Now I understand that this topic has come up before and such and I have read the past threads but I am really worried bout my suitcase size. This is my first trip and I have never been overseas before so yes I am panicking probably a bit to much. I just sized up this suitcase I have, and it is 81cm x 53cm x 30cm I understand it is supposed to be 73 cm x 50cm x 25cm and I have read that they don’t actually get out a tape measure on you but the bad luck I have I’m so scared they will pull me up and go yeah missy cya later ha-ha. Do you think my suitcase is a bit much to over….its just the other suitcase I have is real small and way under the size limit but I didn’t want to screw myself out of extra space for souvenirs.
Any help at all and I do apologize for repeating the subject it’s just playing on my mind and I am quite nervous but I do believe I everything and set to go. I am more then likely to organised as one of my friends laughed at me and said hey you can organise my next trip for me lol.
Thanks for your time and any help will be much appreciated

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