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Swarovski Crystal Museum

6 May 2009 Chrissy said

I've read that this is an optional on my tour (European Escapade). Just wanted to ask for anyone that did this optional, were they selling some Swarovski jewellery there too? <BR><BR>And if so, how much did it cost? Was it more or less than you would find at Swarovski stores around the world??<BR><BR>Just wanted to know so i can decide whether or not to budget for some good swarovski jewellery!
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  • 6 May 2009 BumbleBee said


    Swarovski Crystal World is amazing! Our tour guide Flip described it as “crystal on acid” and that’s the most accurate one I can come up with.

    After looking through all the exhibition spaces (which are incredible) you enter a showroom/sales area. There you will find the biggest collection of Swarovski products in the world. The part you initially enter is all quite expensive stuff, but if you keep going through you will reach the “costume jewellery” section where you will find very reasonably priced earrings, rings, etc.

    Great place to splurge some of your spending money on souvenirs for special people (including yourself!) which is not going to take up much luggage space at all!

  • 6 May 2009 Chrissy said


    thanks for that info! is the only way you can get in to the sales area through the museum? or is it a public area to access?

  • 6 May 2009 ChrisSoll48 said



    You can enter the sales area without going into (and paying for) the museum. Honestly I did not enjoy the exhibit at all. It was the only optional I wish I didn’t do. You really don’t miss out if you don’t join in for that one. You can shop in the store or relax at the cafe while others are in the museum. I don’t think it was cheap, so I would recommend skipping it. I’m sure everyone has different opinions though. Enjoy your tour!


  • 6 May 2009 Chrissy said


    hi chrissy haha

    thanks heaps for that! that’s what i wanted to know coz i’ve been reading mixed reviews about the actual museum but i really wanted to buy some stuff from the shop. but that solves my problem now! =)

  • 6 May 2009 Bradleyc123 said


    Yeh im in agreeance with Chris,
    I would have rathered giving 8 euro to a hobo to jab me in the eye with a dirty needle than see that exhibit again haha, truely a waste of time.

    Then again im male…

  • 7 May 2009 Chrissy said


    LOL thanks for that visual Bradley..

    yeah i think im gonna skip the museum and go straight to the sales area to shop!

    thanks for all the advice guys!

  • 7 May 2009 BumbleBee said


    Yes you can definitely get into the sales area without going through the exhibition, there’s a little cafe there too I believe.

    My opinion is definitely bias because I’m a Visual Arts Teacher Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 7 May 2009 ChrisSoll48 said


    Bradley – I agree completely with your scenario. I’d really like to know what drugs were abused in the creation of that exhibit. haha

  • 21 May 2009 tiny_dancer said


    Hey All,
    I can’t wait. I love my girly stuff and crystals. … Swarovski make some fantastic stuff. Been staring in the sales windows back home for ages. A friend went on contiki and came home with some amazing stuff incl a ring which here was about $150 was only 20 euros and so sparkly.
    … Not too sure what to think of the museum. But it sounds like fun and only 6 euro so def going to check it out. … I’ve even got my boyfriend excited .. they do cufflinks too. … All a bit of fun.

  • 22 May 2009 MatyG said


    Where exactly is this museum?

  • 23 May 2009 tiny_dancer said


    Hey Playboy,
    From what I understand (and it has been newly totally redone so v diff what it used to be) it is a crystral museum where are whole lot of different artists have incorporated cyrstal into their artwork.
    Check out the link if you want.

  • 23 May 2009 MatyG said


    WOW, it looks amazing. Has anyone been yet? Is it a great experience???

  • 24 May 2009 said


    Close to everyone in this thread has been :P

    To be honest, It is a glorified showroom, the coolest part about the whole place is the Waterfall and the Gardens outside. Other than that it really isn’t very awesome.

    The show room is kinda neat though if you are into the kind of things they sell. They had some good deals on this years/last years Christmas Ornament’s which were pretty much the only things I was interested in. As far as Cufflinks, I know they make them, but I didn’t see any and I spent some time looking, to be honest with you I don’t remember seeing any mens Jewelry in the showroom at all.

  • 24 May 2009 MatyG said


    Shane, i’m all about men’s jewellery. Still, it would be good to see.

  • 24 May 2009 MatyG said


    I meant: Shame.

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