European Adventurer July 4th 08

5 Feb 2008 Lauzey said

Hey! Anyone booked into the July 4th trip...?
  • 22 Feb 2008 Jezzaboo86 said


    hi lauzey! my partner and i are booked into this one… but doesnt seem as if anyone else is on here!!

  • 25 Feb 2008 Lauzey said


    HI! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> awesome, finally some people on my tour! I was starting to get worried. Where are you guys from?

  • 27 Feb 2008 Jezzaboo86 said


    hehe i know… hopefully there are lots of other people, but maybe they havent found the forums yet! we’re from perth, australia – where abouts are you from? do you have facebook?

  • 2 Mar 2008 suz_in_canada said


    Hi! I’m on this tour— this will be my third Contiki, sounds like it will be fantastic :-).

  • 3 Mar 2008 Lauzey said


    There has to be more people! I’m sure! Well at least we now know there are 4 definites! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m from Sydney, and i do have facebook! My email is so you will have to add me!Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Hi suz! wow this is your third contiki, i’m kinda jealous Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 9 Mar 2008 Jezzaboo86 said


    great! i just added you as a friend on facebook… its good to see someone else going too Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> that makes four of us at least. three contiki’s, wow! at least we know they must be worth it then!

  • 13 Mar 2008 Lauren da explorer said


    Hey guys. I’m another definate Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m Lauren, 23 (Originally from Melbourne) but currently live in Auckland. This will be my first contiki trip in Europe, doing a top deck tour to Edinburgh afterwards, then the Spanish Spree starting on Aug 15th, then the Egypt & the Nile contiki on the 30th Aug… whew!

    Can’t wait to start the trip!!!!

  • 13 Mar 2008 suz_in_canada said


    Wow Lauren, you will be seeing a lot of Europe this summer! I so wish I could go to Egypt this summer as well— lucky you! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> If this is your first time in Europe then you are totally doing it the right way (i.e. staying for a while)— I went on the European Highlights tour last summer which was my first Contiki (and first time in Europe) and it ended way too quickly (although it was fantastic), so I’m going to do the long-haul trip this summer :-). I’ll look forward to meeting all of you in July! (p.s. I didn’t chat with anyone who was going on the trip before the Euro Highlights tour last year but we still had a full bus— 51 people— so I’m sure our Euro Adventurer tour will be a big group as well!)

  • 13 Mar 2008 Lauren da explorer said


    Hey Suz! From what I’ve heard I may have taken on a bit too much (but at the same time I’d rather see as much as I can… will just be exhausted at the end I guess).

    What other contikis have you done?

    Where abouts in Canada are you from?

  • 13 Mar 2008 suz_in_canada said


    lol, well I was thinking that the 39-day Adventurer may be too much at first but then I really want to see everything that’s on the tour— I think some people will probably just end up taking some “rest days” from staying up late and then you end up having so much energy from everything that is going on that you don’t end up noticing that you’re tired anyway :-). At least that’s how I found it on the Euro Highlights tour— the other tour I went on was the 10-day Great Britain tour for New Year’s which was kinda tiring by the end because of the weather, but summer in Europe (especially the South) is absolutely beautiful so it should be great! I’m from Toronto but I moved here about 4 years ago from out West (Edmonton)— if you ever come to Canada I say go see Quebec/the coasts and the Rockies! I’m hoping to go see Australia & New Zealand maybe in December.

  • 14 Mar 2008 Lauren da explorer said


    Yay, good to have an experienced contiki person on the trip! Sounds like the coach will be the best time to sleep. I’ve heard taking vitamins is a must.

    I’m keen as to check out Canada! Although next year’s plans (I say this loosely) are to go to Central America. Ahhhh so many places to go… Yes I believe I have the travel bug.

    I think you’ll find NZ in particular quite small. South Island is meant to be pretty scenic (how tradgic is that, not even travelling my own backyard).. North Island just consists of little metro cities…
    Auzzie – shopping in Melbourne and Sydney are awsome. Weather in Cairns and Brisbane are wicked – and obviously you have the theme parks on the Gold coast.

  • 14 Mar 2008 lpao said


    hey everyone!

    my friend katie and i are signed up for this tour, also. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    we’re from toronto, canada.

    looking forward to meeting all of you!

  • 15 Mar 2008 Jezzaboo86 said


    its great to see some more people on here!! if anyone wants to add me on facebook or something, my email is

    is anyone else staying in london before the tour? (ie: at the grand national hotel?) we are staying there for 5 nights before we leave on the contiki!!

  • 15 Mar 2008 Lauren da explorer said


    I’m pretty sure I’m staying at the grand national on the 3rd (just the night before the tour).

    Are you guys doing any travel after the tour?

  • 18 Mar 2008 Dave Europe July 2008 said


    Hey I’m Dave from Toronto. I’m staying in the Grand National on the 3rd as well. Good to know a bit about some of the people are going. Sounds like most of you are experienced travelers. I’ve never been to Europe but it sounds like fun.
    What part of Toronto are you from Ipao?

  • 19 Mar 2008 Lauren da explorer said


    Hey Dave. First time in Europe for me too! Awsome to ‘meet’ another person from the trip. You doing any travels other than this tour?

  • 19 Mar 2008 nat said


    Hi guys..
    My June 20 got cancelled so I’m doing this trip now. Anyone else from Sydney??

  • 19 Mar 2008 Dave Europe July 2008 said


    This is my only trip for the summer. with all of the countries on this one, it will be more than enough for me.

  • 22 Mar 2008 lpao said


    hey dave,

    i’m from woodbridge, and katie who is also traveling with me is from north york.. so not really the heart of toronto or anything.. haha.

    what about yourself?

  • 24 Mar 2008 Lauzey said


    Hey guys! great to see there are more of you!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    I’m going to be in London before the tour, i get in on the 1st of July and im staying at the grand national. So ill see you guys there if you are going early!
    Hey Nat, I’m from Sydney Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->



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