What to choose!!!

19 Jan 2011 Dawzy09 said

I am stuck between 2 different tours an really dont no which 1 cause there so closely the same.

Its between the 'European Adventurer' - 37days (more time in some places - concept) and the 'European Explorer+greek island cruising' - 33days (cruises around greece - Timeout).

I would just like to no if the greek island cruising is worth it cause if i do the adventure 1 i can book an extra tour on the greek islands an it will cost roughly the same amount and is there a big differnce in the concept tours accomodation than timeout. so would like to no if u went on 1 of the tours wat did u think??

and what wuld be the best time of year to go if i wanna see moulin rouge in paris cause i read that it was only booked in winter and im not sure if that is true.


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