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ultimate europeans 31st august 2008

16 Feb 2008 babypony said

hey guys my name is aysha im 22 and im from sydney im on this tour with my mate ketura who is from melbourne,we chose to do the greek island option,i get in a day and a half before my tour fresh off the grand northern in usa cuz im doin that before with my twin brother and our mate josh,im exited about europe cant wait!!!!
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  • 4 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    Hi Melissa,
    Welcome to the gang haha..

    when do you turn 18?

    When do you arrive in London? Are you doing the egypt or Greece option?

    Do you have msn? thats my email if you would like to add me [=

    Hope to talk soon.

    Take care

  • 4 May 2008 Melissa said


    hey tiffany,

    i turn 18 on september 16th when we are in corfu!! pretty sweet! looks like i’m the young one

    i arrive in london on the 30th but im staying 2 days longer there after the trip and i’m doing the egypt option

    yes i have msn, mines for anyone who wants to add me and i am also on facebook


  • 4 May 2008 Cassssssie said


    Yayyyy I’m not the baby!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->


    Hey melissa, welcome to the family! My names cassie and I’m doing the egypt option too! are you going alone or with a friend? I’m 18, but I’ll be 19 on the tour {my birthday is about 10 days before it, so i’ll be celebrating in style in london whoo… bring on the party… } ha, i’m such a dork. Can’t wait till the tour it will be amazing!!

    And to tegan who is debating whether or not to come… most of us are going solo… so don’t fret pet! We’ll all be as nervous and excited as each other and we’ll all be helping each other out along the way… You’ll seriously regret not going if you back out now… trust me.

    I’m at 83 days now. eeeeeeeek!!

    Talk to you all soon!!

    - Cass xx

  • 5 May 2008 Melissa said


    hey cassie!

    haha yes you are not the baby anymore!

    and thank you for the welcome!

    where are you from??


  • 6 May 2008 Explorer1096518 said


    hey team

    Rob here again. I arrive in London a few days before tour – staying at the Royal National.

    I’m also gonna stay on about a week, and then i’m going to do Ireland, and later the middle east.

    If anyone has myspace, facebook or whatever- it’ll be cool to catch up.

    My email:

  • 6 May 2008 Cassssssie said


    Oh sorry! I’m from australia! Brisbane, to be exact in Queensland, clearly the better state hey dale? :P hahaha.

    Ahhh so excited. I’m getting all of my adapters and stuff on saturday for europe. haha. and I may just get one for america as well… just incase I head that way towards the end of my stay…

    How long are you staying for Melissa?

    I’m still trying to talk people into staying as long as me hahaha. I dunno if its working yet?

    We shall see :P

    Where abouts are you from rob?? How old are you etc?? Are you going by yourself or flying solo??

    Cass xx

  • 6 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    Cassie my dear, if you read the forum post earlier on you shall see he did comment with very little information =P

    I get to borrow the adapters from my aunty woot haha =P thinking about buying some more memory cards today cause i know i wont have enough haha

  • 6 May 2008 Explorer1096518 said


    hey cass

    In case i haven’t intro’d myself- I’m 21, from Melb, Oz, going solo.

    I’m still trying to find cheap, clean & central a/c post-tour, anyone have any ideas?

  • 7 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    i dont have a clue, im staying at the RN lol the night before

  • 9 May 2008 tammypie said


    Hi guys,
    I’m coming on this trip. I’m Tammy, 30 y.o. (so I’ll be the nana on this one I think?) Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    I’m originally an Adelaide girl, then lived in Sydney for 7 years and then I moved to Saudi Arabia 18 months ago. I’m leaving my job here and travelling all around on my way back home to Oz.
    Can’t wait to take this trip! See you all soon.

  • 10 May 2008 Dale_1986 said


    hey tammy, welcome aboard, wow saudi arabia would be cool! are you doin egypt or greece? and when do you get into london?


  • 10 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    WELCOME Tammyyyyyyyyy!!!

    You won’t be the oldest.. Lea and Fale are both 30 i think, well Lea is 30 at the end of the Month and i think her fiance is 30 or 31.

    As dale previously asked, are you going to Greece or Egypt?

  • 15 May 2008 Cassssssie said


    Hey Tammy!!

    Welcome to the family! when are you arriving in England?

    If you use msn messenger,feel free to add me!

    - Cass xx

  • 17 May 2008 tammypie said


    Thanks for the welcome guys!!!

    I’m doing the Egypt option. Having lived in the middle east I would kick myself if I got back to Oz having never seen a pyramid. Very excited about it!

    I’m not sure when I’m landing in London yet, might try and get there a few days early. I’ve already booked the Royal National for the night of the 30th August just to make sure I have it but might rock up a few days ealier. Will be staying in London a few days afterwards to before heading to Phuket for a much needed three week detox!!

  • 17 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    yayyyyyyyyyy another egyptian companion!! woo this is so exciting haha

  • 25 May 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    who would have ever thought that id be this close to seeing so many beautiful cities in the world!!

    BRING ON EUROPE BABY!! Can’t wait to meet you all!!

    95 days to gooooooooo!!!

  • 1 Jun 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    just keeping you guys updated haha im at 88 days which means tour starts in 89 days yeah baby wooot!!!

  • 11 Jun 2008 KIWIoz_Couple said


    hey kids… havent been on here in months so thought id better see what all the happs were…

    I see we got some more peeps comming along YAY !!

    we on day 85 Yipppeeeee

    I am based in London – Exp 6518 – if you are looking for cheap accomodation in London i would suggest going to a hostel.. you can find lots online… if you are wanting something more long term head out west (Acton, Hammersmith, Shepperds Bush) only 20min tube into city and a lot cheaper !!

  • 11 Jun 2008 Cassssssie said


    ohhhh myyyyy gossshhh…

    I leave in 47 days.

    I’m so excited and nervous it’s incredible.

    whooooo hoooo…


  • 11 Jun 2008 msznumeroUNO said


    how can u be at 85, im at 79!!!

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