Sleeping Arrangments on Concept

4 Aug 2009 Explorer1142468 said

My partner and I are looking at doing a Contiki or Top Deck Tour Next year around Europe and I was wondering with the Concept Tours if Couples are Seperated on the Tour when staying in Hostels ect?
  • 4 Aug 2009 Explorer1123323 said


    I went on the European Highlights Concept tour, on tour we had three couples and they always got their own rooms well the rest had quad share.

  • 5 Aug 2009 Miss Jane said

    Miss Jane

    Hi Explorer
    I did a concept tour last year and found that the couples on our tour most of the time had a cabin to themself but there were a number of times they had to share with other people when rooms were 4 to a room etc. I think there may have been once of twice as well they had to seperate into different rooms due to room arrangment made by the hostel/hotel prio to arrival. You dont spend a huge amount of time in your room anyway so probabaly won’t be a major issue.

  • 5 Aug 2009 *Alicia* said


    Hi there,
    i just got back from a concept tour last month,
    we had 6 couples on our tour, for the majority of the tour they had their own rooms. there were a few places that they had to share with another couple. the only place they were split up was at the Hostel in Munich and that was because of the girls in one room boys in the other room thing,

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