European Adventurer spendage

19 Nov 2008 fiona_the_loner said

Hi all<BR><BR>I've got the European Adventurer tour booked in for April 2009 (yay!) and was just hoping to hear from someone who's done this tour on how much spending money you would roughly need. I've read around this site that about $150AU a day would do fine which is around $5550.. any opinions? <BR><BR>I'm not going to be going crazy in the shopping department but I see myself spending up on the optional extras and partying! If it's going to cost a little more than that I need to get myself a second job! <BR><BR>cheers<BR>Fiona<BR>x
  • 9 Jan 2009 Xtina said


    hey fiona. i did the adventurer tour just over a year ago now, and it was the best thing i have ever done! you will have the best time. in regards to spending money, ur meals are all practically included so you will need spending money and alcohol money. some days you will literally be on the bus allll day so you won’t get a chance to spend any money at all….others you are left to your own devices so therefore will be inclined to spend. so i would say yes on average $150-$200 AU per day should be fine… it is probably better to overbudget than to not have enough. and the conversion rate from memory, is approx $2au=1euro.
    i hope you have fun, it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

  • 8 Feb 2012 Caraaa said


    Sorry to eavesdrop but i was wondering the same thing as im doing this tour on 25th of May (super excited!!!!) and i think i will budget about the same Fiona about 5k.

    Xtina-Are you really on the bus allll day?! :s think im going to have to stock up on some good reads!!



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