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china adventure

4 Jan 2011 david8779 said

hi i'm david im 19 i was just wondering is anyone doing the china adventure trip on july 25th 2011 i'd really like to go and am booking it shortly has anyone got any advice for people travelling to china in july? looking forward to meeting fellow travellers, this'll be my second contiki trip i believe its the only way to travel!
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  • 5 Jan 2011 Lifeasyouseeit said


    Hi, My name is Zoe and i also have the intention to go on the china tour but more toward mid Sept to october. Any idea if that is ok for the weather/travelling conditions? I would love to go in April to May but I am going to New Zealand at the end of febraury for a whole month this year so i dont think that they will appreciate me going off again after returning to work for a few weeks. If all goes well, this will also be my second contiki trip! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Exciting!!

  • 5 Jan 2011 Paula said


    I’m Paula, 20 years old. I have booked my trip to China for May 16th and would like to meet some of the travelers!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 9 Jan 2011 All4Corners said


    Hi Paula – my friend and I are likely signing up for the May 16th trip tomorrow! We just did the Egypt & the Nile tour last month and we’re excited for another ConTiki adventure!

  • 10 Jan 2011 Paula said


    how do you like Contiki tours?? I have never been on one but they sound like a lot of fun!

  • 16 Jan 2011 All4Corners said


    OK – we’re booked!

    The ConTiki tours ARE a lot of fun. You get the pleasures of travel and visiting amazing places, while all the details and booking hassles are taken care of for you. Plus it’s nice having an age minimum and maximum. I mean, thinking about my tour of Egypt, if I had been with a group that had had either bratty teenagers or slow-paced seniors, it would have been a completely different experience. Knowing you’re with people who are more or less your age, and passionate about seeing the world, makes a difference. I assure you, you’ll have a good time. If not, I’ll buy you a Mai Tai in Hong Kong Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    Where are you based? I live in NYC, and my friend lives in Florida. I’m 31, she’s 34. So we’re on the older end of the spectrum, but we tend not to act like it.

  • 23 Jan 2011 Ski_Bum said


    The May 16 trip is going to be great! I’m booked and have a few friends who are still deciding.

    Now to figure out where to go after… I think I’m going to take an extra week + and fly out of Thailand or Vietnam Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->


  • 10 Feb 2011 Salvatore said


    Hey, I am traveling to China booked for the July 11th tour.I am coming from NYC and looking to spend a few nights before the trip starts. After the trip I am also doing the Thai Island Hopper East. I am still waiting for a confirmation before I book my flights. Anyone else going on these dates? I’ve done Contiki before –Rome to Athens ’07-Eastern Road ’07-Spanish Spree ’08 Russia and Scandinavia ’08- Indo China Adventure ’09

  • 10 Feb 2011 Paula said


    I am leaving from NY but I am from Florida. I am arriving a day early to Beijing and leaving a day after from Hong Kong. Any tips for a first contiki traveler???

  • 11 Feb 2011 Uli said


    Hi! I’ve also just signed up for the China adventure starting May 16.
    I’m doing a one-year around the world trip through Asia, Africa, and South America, and this Contiki trip will be within the first weeks of my travel year. Have been on one Contiki trip before (East coast Australia). Great fun ;-)

  • 12 Feb 2011 Rxman said


    I have signed up for the China tour May 16 too! This will be my 9th Contiki, obviously I like them value and people I have met on them. Alas this may be my last contiki as I am soon too old to go, but I will make the most of this one!

  • 14 Feb 2011 All4Corners said


    Nice – I look forward to meeting all the May 16th-ers in Beijing!

    Paula – if you’re flying Delta on the 14th I think we’re on the same flight.

  • 15 Feb 2011 Paula said


    I’m doing Continental!!

  • 15 Feb 2011 Uli said



    Thx for the tips Praha… Travelling to countries well off the types of civilization you’re used to certainly comes with one or the other uncertainty, discomfort etc – but that’s what makes such trips so interesting, even if it includes breathing polluted air for a few days or adapting to local Chinese booze;)

    As for tips for first-time Contiki travellers, I’d recommend to get enough sleep before the tour, there won’t be much while on the tour;) Then, there might be some things you’ll want to explore by yourself when there is spare time. The guides usually give plenty of hints what to do in spare time, but especially in cities it is helpful to have done some research before the tour as there might be something of interest particularly to you which the guide doesn’t have on his list.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone on the tour in Beijing in 3 months!

    Cheers Uli

  • 11 Mar 2011 Olivia said


    hey, me and two of my mates are going in July too. We’re from Melbourne and Contiki first timers. Anyone going in May, please come back and tell us how it goes!! cheers

  • 14 Mar 2011 Pierre1234 said


    Hey I’m Pierre and I’ve booked for the China adventure on the 27th of June 2011. Anyone one else booked for that date? This is going to be my second Contiki tour and I’m quite excited about going to China.

  • 16 Mar 2011 Kalo said


    Hi, I’m Kalo (K-Lo :) )
    I’m all booked for the May 16th China Adventure… :) Cant wait to meet you all :)
    This is my 3rd Contiki.. I’m from Australia… always wanted to go to China… love Contiki so am real glad Contiki go to China :)

  • 28 Mar 2011 Explorer1084121 said


    This is on my to do list for 2012.I am thinking sometime in September as it is the best time before the tours stop operating later that year and not too hot or too cold what does everyone think.

  • 19 Dec 2011 MissJennaNicole said


    Hey I am booking my China Adventure trip tomorrow for September 17th, 2012! To all of you who have already posted and went on your tour, HOW WAS IT?!!! I have been looking through the different conversations and it seems like a lot less people post about China…I hope this is not a bad sign.

  • 1 Jan 2012 jennybtraveler said


    Hey All. I also just reserved my spot for China Adventure on Sept 17th. Its gonna be a blast and the weather should be great there that time of year. Everyone should come!

  • 6 Jan 2012 lauren said


    june 27 :)

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