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Easter 2010

1 Jan 2010 Rachel_1519 said

Hey guys, I'm moving to London in February and I am thinking of booking this Easter trip for something different. Is anyone else thinking of going?
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  • 3 Jan 2010 Explorer1163047 said


    Hi Rachel,

    Im moving to London in early Feb too and 1/2 thinking of it. Not sure yet though…

    Where are you moving from? Im coming from Australia.

    Smiles from Jen =)

  • 3 Jan 2010 Rachel_1519 said


    Hey Jen!

    I’m coming from Sydney! It looks like a cool trip, I’m thinking of booking. Let me know when you decide…If not we should catch up for a drink when we are both in London!


  • 15 Jan 2010 Explorer1163047 said


    Hi Rachel,

    Im coming from Melbourne.

    Will be a big contrast from the summer to winter weather!

    Think I will do this trip, will book it once I get over to London in a couple of weeks so hopefully there’s a spot still. Doesn’t look to be too full yet..

    Yes, a catch up for a drink would be good. Have you been over there before? Know many people?

    Have fun!
    Smiles from Jen =)

  • 22 Jan 2010 HelloKitty said


    Hey I am thinking of going too! xx

  • 23 Jan 2010 EstherMc said


    Hey ppl
    Need a weekend brk and seriously thinking abt doin this trip. Do any of u guys no how much it costs? The price isnt posted.

  • 23 Jan 2010 LouiseCE said


    Hey i’ve booked the trip! It looks awesome and I think its a great way for me to start my Europe tour. Ill be in london on the 29th of March. Keen to meet early for a pint or two! Im also from Sydney. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 25 Jan 2010 EstherMc said


    Jus wondering did u guys book with the travel agent or online? Ta! Me’s from Ireland by the way went to Amsterdam l April is one of my fave European cities!

  • 28 Jan 2010 LouiseCE said


    Booked online. Was easy enough. Are you going on this trip?

  • 29 Jan 2010 EstherMc said


    Hi Louise
    I am thinking abt it and looking into it at the min. I stayed in that hostel l year when i went to Amsterdam tho and its a bit out of the city ctr so i dont know? Do u know how many ppl will be sharing a room? Also wat abt the hotel in LDN i mite go a few days early and meet up wit u guys and gals fer the craic!

  • 6 Feb 2010 Rachel_1519 said


    Hey guys

    I just booked the tour!

    I’ll be arriving in London on 25 Feb, whoever is there earlier for the tour let me know and we can arrange pre-tour drinks!

    See you all soon Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 8 Feb 2010 LouiseCE said


    Thats Awesome! Ill be in London on the 26th of March so we should definately do drinks! As for the hotel in London I don’t know much about it. Looking forward to meeting everyong Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->.

  • 9 Feb 2010 EstherMc said


    Hello ppls!!!

    Me’s all booked now as well wont get into Ldn til abt 10 i’d say on April 1st hope im in time to meet if not i shall see u all on the 2nd.

    Oh btw wat hotel r u all stayin in b4 we meet for the tour. OMG so excited woo!

  • 25 Feb 2010 Laura said


    i just booked with this tour as well. i am from newcastle, Australia and just moved over her at the begining of january. looking foward to this trip and meeting up with everyone so much.

  • 25 Feb 2010 Jen said


    Hello, hello everyone!

    I’m thinking of booking this trip also with my friend. We’re coming from North America. If we end up going for it, we probably won’t be coming into London until around April 1st (maybe a bit earlier but doubtful).

    This will be our first trip across seas, I’m excited! We absolutely would love meeting up prior to the tour.

  • 26 Feb 2010 EstherMc said



    Good to see some new ppl on board woo hoo!!

  • 1 Mar 2010 Explorer1163047 said


    Im already in London. I’ve been over here for about a month so let me know if anyone wants to catch up whenever. Im free most nights or on the weekend! =)
    Can’t wait to meet you all!
    Miles of smiles from Jen =)

  • 1 Mar 2010 Dan said


    Hi Everyone!

    I am seriously considering this trip. Wow, it’s less than a month away. Looks like a super fun weekend and I can use one of those.

  • 2 Mar 2010 Rachel_1519 said


    Hey Dan you should book!! It’s going to be a great trip Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Jen I’m in London too, I arrived a few days ago! Want to meet for a drink on Sunday??

  • 3 Mar 2010 Explorer1163047 said


    Yes Dan, come along =)

    Sure Rach, Im free Sunday. where do you live/where are you staying at the moment? Anyway, maybe if you add me on facebook (seems to be the way of the world) we can organise Sunday and a place/time etc.

    email to search-

    Have fun,
    miles of smiles =)

  • 9 Mar 2010 Ceres said


    Hey everyone! is there anyone besides me who’s going on this trip solo…. this is my first contiki trip

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