Grand Southern...running as 2 does this effect tour?

25 May 2010 Explorer1115381 asked

HI Guys,<BR><BR>Can anyone help me...I am looking at finalising my booking for Grand Southern USA this week. However i have noticed that there will be 2 buses for this tour due to the will this effect my tour?<BR><BR>Will it be run as 2 seperate tours...possibly with one being held hearted and not being full..less people less fun. Or will it be run as 1 big tour, just with 2 buses taking us all to the different stops, attraction etc at the same time.<BR><BR>I want this experience to be as fun as possible...<BR><BR>Pleeaasse help!!<BR><BR>hayley
  • 25 May 2010 Explorer1115381 said


    Thanks so much, that is amazing. Cant wait.



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