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Questions about going without a phone

14 May 2008 itsmekate said

I know there are a bunch of phone threads but I haven't seen these answered anywhere....I have a Verizon phone and understand that it won't really work in Europe. While I don't think I'll need to call home or anything, I like the security of knowing I can get in touch with people if something goes wrong. <BR><BR>First question is, do people on tours often call/text each other if they split off into groups in cities and want to meet back up? Second, am I only unable to make calls, or will basic functions like clock and alarm not work either? Most importantly, are there people out there who have gone on a tour and felt totally fine NOT having a phone? My tour's only 11 days and I'm not the homesick type, so if I can get away with not renting a phone, I'd like to save the money. You know how it is though -- I just never go anywhere without bringing my phone.<BR><BR>All advice/comments welcome....thanks!
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  • 14 May 2008 ktgo said


    I’ve gone on three tours, (two were about three weeks and one was one week), and I never took my phone. I never missed it. I would email my parents occassionally, and I would bring a calling card so if I wanted to call someone I could. I think I made four phone calls total. I wouldn’t worry about renting one.

  • 14 May 2008 Princessvixen said


    Hi! I went to America as part of a 3 month trip in mid 06 and I knew my mobile wouldn’t work voer there so I bought a prepaid calling card incase I wanted to call home(which I did). Someone one my tour let me text family at home to let them know I had arrived in the states safely. I was still able to turn my phone on/use the alarm clock etc. When I eventually got to England I turned my phone on and had a gazillion messages. I do find it easier having a mobile for travelling for safety reasons(my freind who I was meant to meet at LAX airport was delayed and I had no idea so I spent almost 2 hours looking for her) but did I miss it for the month I couldn’t use it?No way!I was too busy having fun!

    Hope this helps!

  • 15 May 2008 JeffersonNYSE said


    Yeah it really depends on your phone I think regarding clock/alarm functions. I’m from Canada like Jessy, and I just picked up a new Iphone, and with no SIM card in the thing and without manually setting the time it somehow still knew the correct time. Iphones normally won’t work in Canada either. I’ve heard a lot of phones now have global positioning chips in them that automatically sets the time, so in that case they should work anywhere in the world regardless of whether you have a signal or not.

  • 17 May 2008 EM. said


    im from australia, and i have an optus sim card. i’ve been overseas before and used it. for optus you just have to call up and activate international roaming and it should work in most countries.
    they have it on pre paid now too. which is good so you dont rack up huge bills.
    i too am the sort of person that likes to have there phone on them all the time. say if i get lost or something.
    chances are that wont happen. but i think about that sort of thing.
    i will be bringing my phone on my trip. but i may also buy a calling card.

  • 20 May 2008 Sherbie Woo said

    Sherbie Woo

    This is actually a good thread, as I too have have Verizon and I’d like the option to call back home. Of course I’m sure you can do w/out one and use public phones instead. Just in case, I’d bring a calling card.

  • 20 May 2008 amer said


    I have a GSM phone (TMobile) and I always carry it. When I was on the Turkish Delight last year, there were some bombings in Ankara (the capital). Although i was on vacation and the tour never went to Ankara, it was big news in Turkey and worldwide. Alot of the ppl on the tour didn’t know how to contact their loved ones to tell them everything was okay w/ our tour group. Luckily i used my phone to relieve my family members back in USA and also let tour members use my cell.

    I know was that was an extreme situation, but you never know what can happen, and better to be prepared then not. Imagine missing your flight, delays, getting lost..etc.. it’s always useful to be in communication, thus, I always keep my phone..

    Plus w/GSM phones,you can easily put in a local SIM card and use it. Or don’t use a local SIM Card and simply turn it off. in emergencies, use it for a minute or two since roaming charges are expensive.

  • 20 May 2008 chickaboo said


    Taking a phone is probably a good idea and from what I’ve read on this site, it looks like the option to txt or call tour mates or your TM might be handy.

    As for feeling comfortable without a phone, it all depends on the person I guess…I always take my phone everywhere-including traveling- because I like the security..even if I don’t actually use to call anyone, I like to know that people can reach me if they needed to.

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