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I'm scared!

17 May 2007 steffieweffie said

I was really excited about going on a contiki european tour this summer, but my dad and grandma are making me feel scared about traveling alone. I was going to book a trip this weekend, but now I'm having second thoughts. Has anyone experienced fear of traveling alone or parents who scared them into thinking it is very unsafe for a woman to travel alone and should not be done?
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  • 17 May 2007 Paul_Donaldson said


    Traveling alone might seem scary, but the beauty of going on a tour is that there are other people there with you.

    I’m not going to lie, I’m very scared of traveling alone, but I know the experience will be unlike anything I’ve ever accomplished and ultimately, I’ll be better off doing it. Plus there’ll be plenty of people to meet and become friends with.

    I understand how you feel, but all I can say is that everything meaningful I’ve accomplished in my life, I’ve been scared before doing it.

    Hope this helps, and good luck in your decision.

  • 18 May 2007 getbak said


    Look at it this way: By doing Contiki, you’re a solo traveler, but you’re not traveling alone.

    You’ll be on the tour with about 50 other people (most of whom will be other solo travelers – both male and female), so no matter what city you’re in, no matter what you want to see in that city, there’ll always be a group of people who wants to see the same stuff, and you can spend the day with those people.

    I just got back from a tour and the only days I spent alone were the days I wanted to spend alone. There was always someone else (and usually a group of others) who were heading in the same direction I was.

    Most of the cities you’ll visit are as safe or safer than your home town of Los Angeles. Just like there are places in LA that you wouldn’t go to alone at night, there will be places in the cities you visit that you wouldn’t go to alone at night.

    Your tour manager will warn you about any places to avoid or be careful around, but during the daylight hours, I didn’t feel any more danger anywhere in Europe than I have anywhere in the US or Canada. In fact, I’ve felt more uncomfortable in parts of San Francisco than I did anywhere in Europe.

    Obviously, be aware of your surroundings and be protective of your belongings, but Europe in general is no more unsafe than Los Angeles.

    If you’re going out at night, go with a group (there’s always a group that’s going out) and make a pact with a couple of other people to watch each other’s back and make sure everyone gets “home” safely.

  • 20 May 2007 Leanne_in_Ontario said


    I think you should absolutely go on your own. You may be scared (and I know I would be too) but after you get there and you meet people, and you do it, you’re going to feel so good about going! You’ll probably even surprise yourself that you did the trip alone, and you’ll be a lot stronger in the future for it.

    I know what it’s like to have parents who try to talk you out of everything that they’re scared of themselves. My grandma constantly tells me rediculous scenarios of things that could happen to me, but I ignore it and just let her talk because she’s never been there. She doesn’t really know what it’s like. And you’re going on a tour with many other people, so you will be totally fine. I say go and enjoy yourself – you’ll surely have the time of your life!

  • 20 May 2007 cdm115 said


    I had done 3 contiki tours (all alone, never had a problem) and then decided to do contiki Egypt. The week before the tour I was freaking out about everything, and everyone around me was making it worse (all those stereotypes about egypt). I had the absolute best time and would hop on a plane tomorrow if i had the time and money. Don’t let other peoples fears keep you from the trip of a lifetime.

  • 20 May 2007 ckat said


    I travel alot with friends and with work, but last year I did my first Contiki…by myself. I was really excited but as the trip got closer I was so scared I actually made myself physically sick for the 3 days leading up to the trip. Well it was all for nothing because it was the most amazing experience of my life. I had even more fun than I usually do with my friends.

    My roommate and I hit it off right from the start and there wasn’t a sinlge person on the tour that I did not make friends with. In fact I am still in touch with most of them.

    Don’t let your parents worry you. Book your trip and have a great time. Once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder what you were so worried about.

  • 20 May 2007 Dan Oz said


    Travelling alone is the only way to go, I would never do Contiki with someone else. The whole idea is to meet new people and have the time of your life.

    If your with someone else you will be tempted to stay in your comfort zone and stick with your mates rather than meeting others.

    My sister went on a tour with a friend. Her friend became sick half way through the tour and my sister felt obliged to stay with her at night rather than go out partying and meeting people.

  • 21 May 2007 steffieweffie said


    Thank all so much for your responses. I have booked my first contiki tour ever (European Discovery). I’m scared and excited, but I’m sure I’ll be alright.

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