amount of clothes for a 30 day tour

31 Aug 2007 Hipjaz, the canuck from the T-Dot said

hi everyone, i'm going on the euro escapade tour in 2 weeks and I'm definatley not a light packer. I keeping on thinging "i might wear this, i might need this etc" but i truly want to pack light..super light so I ask.....

How many:
pants, skirts (dressy and formal), sweaters, tank tops, shirts (tees and dressy), underwear, socks, shoes, flip flops and sleepwear would be sensible to take?
obviously, we all pack different but I need a ballpark figure. right now, i'm up to 6 pants (1 dressy, 5 casual) and 8 tops in total, my suitcase is getting heavy and i'm not done packing




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