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Proof of age when going out in the US

22 Aug 2008 Christine said

Hi everyone<BR><BR>Just wondering what everyone used for ID when going out? Did you have to take your passports out with you or did they accept your Aussie, NZ, UK etc ID??<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Christine
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  • 22 Aug 2008 Explorer1082701 said


    I’m from the US and can tell you that (in my area at least) places will not accept foreign licenses as proof of ID. They will however accept passports, so I’d stick with the passport.

  • 22 Aug 2008 MJ said


    Most places won’t recognize your license. Take your passport. To them it looks like a fake license.

  • 22 Aug 2008 NurseKara said


    I would definately Take your passport. I have travelled alot throughout the states and lived there for 6 months. They are very strict about ID (even to get into places). It is also advised to take another form of ID – bankcard, drivers licence, student ID because they like to check things aren’t fake this has happened to me alot in North America.

  • 3 Sep 2008 sara87 said


    hey i heard that if you are under 21, you can still get into clubs, but you just wont get served drinks????

    anyone know if thats true?

  • 3 Sep 2008 Nyclizzo said


    matter where you go…some let you in if your 18 and put a big ass x on your hand so you can’t buy drinks, and some places won’t let you in at all…NY is starting to even have clubs where it is 25 for men and 23 for ladies (less fights and stuff I guess)…

  • 3 Sep 2008 sara87 said


    yeah cool.. i am 21, but travelling with a 19yo next year, so just wonderin if she will be able to come out with me!
    how do you know which places will let younger people in, or do you jutt try and see if they will?

  • 3 Sep 2008 Princessvixen said


    I’ve been to the states twice in 2 years and they are very strict on ID.My mate left her passport at the hotel in 2006 and they would not let her in the club even though she was with a large group and 28 years old!I don’t think it’s a pain cuz if something happens it is your only proofy of who u r.

  • 4 Sep 2008 Crawf33 said


    I just came back from seven weeks in the US, including a Grand Southern (do it, by the way, it kicks ass). It entirely depends on the place you’re drinking at. Big chain-style bars (for example, the ESPN Zone bar at Downtown Disney) will be more inclined to card you than a bar on some street in Chicago. Also, I found if I was in a bar on my own (I traveled alone) grabbing a beer and some lunch or having a beer while waiting for someone etc, they didn’t really care to check my ID.

    The bigger cities definitely required a passport – mine is wrecked after carrying it in my pocket all summer. But, that’s how they operate – no use complaining about it. If you want to drink, take it with you and keep it somewhere safe and on your person.

  • 4 Sep 2008 Explorer1104432 said


    I turned 21 while on tour and got asked for ID wherever I went although I got away with being underaged once in Old Town, San Diego cos i showed her a 50 instead! Everywhere you go you have to have your passport unfortunately.

  • 7 Sep 2008 WestOzy said


    It feels risky taking my passport out with me on a big night of drinking. The last thing I want to do is lose it.

    I’m doing the Wild Western next month, what do people normally do with their passports? Not only when going out at night but all the time.

    Should you ever be without it, or is it safe to leave in a hotel room?

  • 7 Sep 2008 MJ said


    The best thing to do is to make a copy of your pass port and keep it in your suitcase and one at home with someone you can contact just in case. You will need to cary your passport in your bag or something Maybe a money belt.. Just don’t get stupid drunk and watch your stuff like a hawk.

  • 17 Sep 2008 Explorer1112286 said


    Yeah I want to do the Best of USA next year but i will only be 20 and im worried that ill be the only baby in the group! im travelling alone and dont want to end up being left out of things cos I cant get in! I dont mind not being able to drink but do you guys think Im going to have issues getting into places? And what do you think the chances of someone else being under 21 being on the trip?

  • 17 Sep 2008 Traveller1 said


    I have just came back from a Contiki in the US and most place will only except your passport as Id. I would strongly recomend that if you want to go out drinking that you take it with. Otherwise you will be waiting out front while all your tour mates are inside parting.. This actuall happend to sevral people on our tour, even after they were told to bring there. Listen to the Adivce of Your TM they know what there talking about

  • 17 Sep 2008 Explorer1103195 said

    posted by Emma000123:
    Yeah I want to do the Best of USA next year but i will only be 20 and im worried that ill be the only baby in the group!

    Hey, me too! The age problem is one of the biggest obstacle when going to an American tour Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->
    I was actually thinking of going to the Western Highlights this summer, but considering my age, gave second thought and decided to go next year which then I’ll turn 20. Still, I’m completely worried because 1)I’d only be 20 (never knew they were so strict with checking ID until I read this page) 2)As I’d be travelling alone, would HATE the idea of being left out by myself.
    Can anyone tell me the agerage age for the American tours? Like Emma00123 said, about how many people WOULD be under 21 on the same trip?
  • 19 Sep 2008 Explorer1085990 said


    I’m under 21 and I know of a few other people on my tour who are as well. I can’t really see that the age is that big of an issue (though I haven’t been on my tour yet)- if drinking was such a big part of the tour then surely the cut off age of Contiki would be older? I think America has 18plus clubs that surely TM’s can take you to, to be fair to everyone.

  • 28 Sep 2008 Explorer1103195 said


    Well, I’m not that of a big drinker,but since I’m planning to go by myself, I was worried about not having anyone who would hang out with me Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->
    I hope the TM has other plans for those who are under-age..

  • 29 Nov 2008 caja13 said


    Use your passport.
    Some girls who were 20 still got in cos the guy in vegas didn’t check them properly, just looked at the year, not the month.
    Also in vegas especially everytime you use your credit card they ask for photo id, so carry it for shopping too.

  • 30 Nov 2008 cdm115 said


    I would say it’s quite likely that there will be a couple other people who are under 21, but it is possible that you would be the only one. I think there are some nights when you’ll be out of luck, and other nights when the age thing isn’t a big deal. With Vegas and the casinos… It’s rare that they check your id, and you can walk freely through the casinos. If you’re not interested in gambling, you can still see the casinos and stuff – there is lots to do there. When I did my tour years ago we were able to sneak the 1 under 21 guy in a couple places. It helps too if you look older rather then younger. But if drinking and going to clubs is important to you then you should wait until you’re 21.

  • 30 Nov 2008 gig08 said


    There were quite a few people on my tour earlier this year who were under 21. There were a few nights in bigger cities where they couldn’t get into clubs, but in a lot of the smaller towns or hotel bars they weren’t even asked for ID. Not saying all places are like that, but for the most part, i would say that they weren’t left out at all!

  • 7 Dec 2008 Ando said


    Just got back from the Grand Southern & the only place we had to show our passport was in Studio 54 in Las Vegas. Everywhere else, my Australian Drivers License was enough.

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