Flights for non-guaranteed departures

12 May 2008 Lauren said

I was wondering what people have done in terms of booking flights if they've signed up for a tour that has yet to be guaranteed. I've found a reasonably cheap flight for the time of year that my potential tour would be, and it's a charter fare, which I'm pretty sure means it is non-refundable. But, it's a good 200$ less than any of the regular flights I'd probably get, so I'd hate to not book it. Anyways, have most of you just booked your flights through Contiki? For those of you who haven't, did you make sure to wait until your departure was guaranteed before getting a flight? Perhaps I'm jumping the gun since I haven't even booked the tour yet, but I'd hate to book it and then have to pay like 1100$ for a flight. <BR><BR>Any advice would be appreciated!<BR>Lauren



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