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Beaches and Reefs Jan 2nd, 2011

19 May 2010 Jeff said

Anyone booked for this trip? I'm booked can't wait. <BR><BR>Jeff, <BR>Calgary,Canada
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  • 26 May 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    Looking like there are at least 2 Canadians… I just booked yesterday. Have you been on a contiki before Jeff? Solid name btw.

  • 21 Jun 2010 Explorer1146605 said


    Hi Ya,

    I am thinking of booking this tour. I will be spending the New Year in Sydney. I am a solo traveller from the UK just north of London.

  • 22 Jun 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    Excellent! I went on a 27 day contiki in Europe last summer, and my tour was full of aussies, so I’m going down on the 28th of Dec to have a little reunion and see Sydney on New Years.

    If we get enough ppl joining this tour and replying on this thread, we can get a little FB group going. It worked out well for my Europe group. We felt we knew each other prior to the tour and got along great!

  • 3 Jul 2010 Jeff said


    I will be down on the 31st for New Years. Hopefully we can plan something with everyone to head out for New Years together. I’m also planning to head to Melbourne at the end of the tour and watch some of Australian Open.

  • 6 Jul 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    Nice.. I have the same plan.. after Cairns, I’m flying down to Melbourne on the 15th, and will likely see a few matches on the first or second day of the Aussie Open, before heading home on the 19th. I am booked at the YHA The Rocks Sydney hostel from Dec 28th to Jan 2nd for anyone there early. I am going to plan a day around bondi beach and one in the blue mountains, penrith area.. getting stoked for this trip even though its half a year away.

    Feel free to add me as a friend on FB if you guys want, just add a msg to the request referring to contiki, or I decline peeps I don’t know.. Name is Geoff Martin and my networks are University of Guelph and Microsoft.

  • 6 Jul 2010 AndreC said


    Hey everyone,

    Add another Canadian to this tour. I just signed up last week. I will be leaving Ottawa on the 28th to spend New Years in Sydney. This will be my first Contiki tour. I’m looking forward to meet great people and have a good time.


  • 8 Jul 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    nice! Let’s hope you’re a Sens fans and not a Habs fan, jk.. I’m a B’s fan.. and get as much pleasure seeing the B’s win as the Habs lose, lol.

  • 10 Aug 2010 Alistair1984 said


    Hey, I’m booking my trip today. We’ll need a few more women on this trip! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m from Pretoria, South Africa. Anyone taking the sailing option?

  • 11 Aug 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    hey alistair.. i agree, we need a nice balance with the genders.. but these forums aren’t a good indication of how many people are on the trip, as from my experience, like 10% of the tour actually uses these forums.

    my europe contiki was split right down the middle.. and jeff’s europe trip was like 90% women.. I don’t think I’m doing the sailing option.. just the basic B&R.. going to Melbourne after the tour..

    From my experience you are kinda going into the lion’s den on this trip eh.. when I was in Europe, the Aussies we always in confrontations with the South Africans.. mostly about rugby.. and with the Americans.. mostly because of cockiness.. lol. can’t wait for new years!

  • 11 Aug 2010 Alistair1984 said


    Yeah I know what you mean – Saffas and Aussies love to hate each other and we’re always competing! But there probably won’t be any Aussies on tour anyway – pity, coz they’re fun!

    I was also on a European Contiki. There were lots of couples in my group.

    I will have to leave back to SA after the tour – as it stands, I might not be able to take off for so long. But luckily I can make up for the time I lose. Is there a FB group? If not, let’s create one…

  • 12 Aug 2010 jyablinsky said


    Hello everyone… I’m booked for this trip… I think. My trip says it starts on Jan 1, though? I assume it is the same one. I’ll be there early for New Years… flying into Sydney at 7:50am Dec 31 and staying with an Aussie friend I met in Greece!

    My name is Jason Yablinsky… I’m 24 years old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Travelling solo. I’ll be doing the sailing option and definitely plan to do some skydiving… anyone with me??

    Look me up on facebook… look forward to meeting everyone.

  • 12 Aug 2010 Geoff_M04 said


    Facebook group –

    Beaches to Reefs -start Sydney (Jan 2 – 15th, 2010)…?gid=151377011539112

  • 12 Aug 2010 AndreC said


    Hi everyone, hope your enjoying your summer so far.

    Geoff, sorry to give you bad news, but I happen to be a Habs fan. I guess I’ll have to bring my jersey with me

    Alistair and Jason, welcome aboard.
    I’m not sure if I will be doing the sailing option yet. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do the 2 days/nights sailing option or just do the 1-day optional.

    As for skydiving, I am definitely in.

    I just joined the facebook group, so look me up on FB (under name of Andre Cuillerier) if you want to chat.


  • 13 Sep 2010 Nick NY said


    Hey guys, I’m all booked. I’m in for skydiving as well.Gonna be my fourth Contiki, my favorite way to travel.

  • 19 Sep 2010 Alistair1984 said


    Looks like our group is growing! Just over 3 months. Just a warning – I’m from SA and it’s farking hot here, so I reckon Aus will be even warmer. Be prepared…

  • 26 Sep 2010 VakaVeronica said


    Noway? Am I like the only Girl on this tour?

    Sweet. :-)

  • 27 Sep 2010 Alistair1984 said


    Well there’s still plenty of time for others to join the group! Getting excited… How do we book for the sky-diving?

    Check out for New Years Eve in Sydney.

    Don’t forget to join the facebook group!

  • 28 Sep 2010 Rachel S. said

    Rachel S.

    Hey everyone!

    I’ll be going on this trip with my 2 girlfriends and we’re doing the sailing option.

    We’re all from Los Angeles. Can’t wait!!

    I’ll be joining the FB group. =]


  • 28 Sep 2010 VakaVeronica said


    I’m doing the Sailing option too! CANNOT wait! This is my holiday for the year so I’m absolutely looking forward to this. Now I just need to find Accommodation in Sydney, can’t get over how hard it is!

    Where’s the link for the Facebook group?

  • 28 Sep 2010 Alistair1984 said


    Facebook group –…?gid=151377011539112

    Wow, this group is growing! Also doing the sailing option. AAAAAAAAA this time in 3 months I will be in Sydney!

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