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what you wish you had/hadnt packed for asia

10 Feb 2010 Amy_1688 said

hey just wondering for those who have been on a tour if there is anything you wish you had thought to take or anything you realised you didnt need while over there/wished you hadnt packed..<BR><BR>cheers <BR>amy <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
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  • 14 Feb 2010 ClaireB said


    I’m definitely packing tropical strength mosquito repellant. Better to be safe than sorry!!
    And I’ll probably go with light cotton clothing, light long pants and sleeves so I can keep covered up if possible.
    I agree with Praha – I’m going to take both sandals & hiking boots.

  • 15 Feb 2010 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Yeah the tropical strength mosquito repellant is a must because they are everywhere!

    There are quite a few temples where you have to have the knees covered so it’s good to take something long enough to cover the knees but not as long as full length pants (because of the fact that it’s so hot)

  • 1 Mar 2010 lizzie said


    Also take maleria tablets.. i bought a few pairs of those loose fittign cotton pants ( i hope u know the ones i mean) in Thailand which was my first stop. Definitly a god send… they were cool, dried really quick and they were long enough for the temples and super cumfy. im also glad i took hand sanitiser and wish i had taken less clothing from home

  • 16 Mar 2010 patchie89 said


    Contiki is pretty full on. You do not have that much time to shop or go looking for things, unless its designated free time or market time etc. Also it is very hard to get some things, which you think may have been easy to get. Don’t bother with the umbrella idea, they sell ponchos very cheap, it rained a lot of our tour and most ppl bought a poncho. Oh hey ur from hobart, im for burnie haah contiki vietnam was the best thing i ever did pretty much u will have an awesome time. i wore thongs for shoes the whole time, but had hiking boots for sapa and a pair of nice sandals for out, u wont need heels. do pack the mossie repeleent i couldnt find it to buy anywhere. also when i went everuone thought it would b hot, when really it was only 18 degrees some days, so check the weather before you go and make sure u have some sort of warm set of clothes. if your going on tour i dont think u need to bother with the beach towel either, we just used hotel towels. one thing i reckomend is plenty of underwear. they have hotels where u have to pay to get ur washing done and it is very expensive, i kno on tour some of us payed more than 60US dollars to get washing done, there are street places who do it cheap as but this is a bit difficult if not staying in an area long. everyone wore clothes which werent totally clean, but def more undies, i bought more there, which is an option.

  • 24 Jul 2010 AmandaW said


    I wish I hadnt of packed as much! We got to wash more often than I thought we would be able to. I had to buy extra carry on luggage to get things home. I wish I hadnt of bothered with my joggers. I wore thongs and open slip ons (if we went to dinner etc) the whole time! Make sure you also pack 1 pair jeans etc and a jumper (even in summer). The trip between Thailand and Laos got cold – wind chill in the early morning and I had to do a rush trip to MBK to find both before we left!

  • 12 Aug 2010 Amy_1688 said


    Thanks everyone this is great…havent been on here in a while but my friend and i just booked our tour today…Vietnam Highlights march 2011…cant wait!!! everyone seems to give great reviews of vietnam when asked…
    @patchie89 lol small world isnt it… ive also met someone else from hobart on here!!!

    good to know about the rush factor hope some more people can share their thoughts on this topic Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->


    Vietnam Highlights March 2011

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