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LV night clubs

17 Mar 2008 katmansell said

Hi all,<BR>I was just curious as to those people that have done vegas as to which clubs are worth going to?? I've managed to get a contiki trip where my birthday falls when I'm in vegas so I wanted to cram as much in as i could.<BR>Katherine
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  • 18 Mar 2008 said


    We went to a place called Rum Jungle which is in Mandalay Bar from memory. It was heaps of fun, great music and drinks!

    Your TM usually organises where to go so you don’t have to wait in line or pay cover charges etc.

  • 19 Mar 2008 Miss Jane said

    Miss Jane

    I just came back from a tour that went to Vegas and our first big night we all went to Studio 54 in MGM GRand. It was awesome. I think it was like $10-20 to get in but thats fairly standard. The music was fun. It was a funky place and I think its fairly popular with celebs (not sure whetehr that’s your thing though).
    It was definitely one of my fave nights on tour Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Mar 2008 amer said


    Pure Nightclub – upscale
    Rain – upscale
    Playboy Club

    Vegas nightclubs in general are pretty upscale and have strict door policies. My recommendation for guys..take a fews girls with you to ensure you will get in.. lines are quite long unless you are on the guestlist (friends of promotors)..usually you can ask your hotel conceirge about guestlist to nightclubs.

    Fashionable Jeans/nice shirt/no sneakers – guys

    Jeans/nice top/dress – ladies

  • 24 Mar 2008 itsmekate said


    I’ve been to Vegas a few times. I really liked Pure @ Caesar’s and Jet @ Mirage, though Pure can get REALLY crowded…like can’t even move, sweat your ass off crowded. My friends have also said great things about the DJ at LAX which is one of the newer clubs, inside Luxor I think. Most Vegas clubs are the same though and a great time.

    Two tips:

    - If you take a cab, ask the cabbie if he has any club passes. I’ve gone 50/50 with this on my trips to Vegas — some cabbies have them and some don’t. Once I was able to get passes for several clubs that allowed me to get on a VIP list and not have to pay. If the cab driver gives you some, tip them a little more than usual. Some cab drivers will really suck though, and if they try to sell them to you, say no. Worse comes to worse, you pay the cover.

    -Lots of clubs line up indoors. If the line is really long, you can take turns having some people wait while some people go into the casino…because gambling = free drinks! Makes the time go faster and then you’ll prob spend less once you’re inside, which is important if you’re on a budget.

  • 24 Mar 2008 Crawf33 said


    Someone please tell me there are regular bars in Vegas that aren’t full of fluorescent drinks, neon lights, smoke machines and **** music!

  • 25 Mar 2008 wanderlustFL said


    I was in Vegas in December and I’m definitely not the clubbing type, give me a skeezy bar any day! We went to a few clubs just because we were in Vegas. We went to Rum Jungle which was great… good music and not too crowded. We waited outside for Pure forever, only to have them not let my 2 guy friends in even though we had 5 girls. Us girls ended up going inside and it was completely overrated and overcrowded so we didn’t stay long.

    One tip I do have that is not for everyone but more for fans of crappy bars… There is a small, sketchy casino called Casino Royale which is right on the strip. It’s across the street from the Mirage, I think. Anyway, most nights we would start off here because they have $1 domestic beer bottles and $3 shots… you are very unlikely to find such a deal anywhere else right on the strip. Plus there is $5 blackjack, which is also hard to find on the strip. I’m just warning you, the place is a dump, but definitely worth a stop if you are looking for a cheap drunk before heading elsewhere.

  • 25 Mar 2008 Stanga said


    I went in 2005 with my brother and my sister and not on a contiki tour. BUT we did go to Coyote Ugly at New York New York and Studio 54. Coyote Ugly definitely had the better music – I think I heard Hendrix – Spanish Castle Magic there but Studio 54 was a better all round club with a couple of levels, lights etc. More of a clubber’s club.
    You Americans are nuts with the drink pouring!! Do you ever measure anything… I was out of my mind by drink number four or five!!

  • 25 Mar 2008 MJ said


    My favorite place to stay in vegas is the Golden Nugget I love Freemont street. If you step outside of the golden nugget there is another casino on the other side of the walk way they have great $1 margaritas. Avoid the place that says best daqueris they are the most disgusting things on earth and costly too. Just wen to LV in Feb love it.

    Now if you want a good margarita go to Jimmy Buffetts Margarita ville its awesome Which is on the main strip near the M&M factory.

  • 4 Apr 2008 socalgal said


    I just got back from vegas a few weeks ago. We went to the Voodoo Lounge which is on the (52?) floor of the Rio hotel. It is an indoor/outdoor bar that has the most awesome views of the strip. Plus if you get there before 8 pm you dont have to pay for cover. Even better there is a free shuttle that takes you between the Rio (which is just off the strip) and Harrah’s casino (which is in the middle of the strip). Also Body English in the Hard Rock is a great club to dance at.

  • 22 Apr 2008 Explorer1095870 said


    Absolutely everyone has to go to Carnival Court, its next to Imperial Palace. Its great if your on a budget, just cause theres no cover. I go to Vegas all the time (im from CA). Plus its kinda outside, I wouldnt recommend doing it during the day because its insanely hot. Plus they flair, which is always fun to watch.
    I also went to Coyote Ugly too (in NY NY). It was okay but overrated.

  • 27 Apr 2008 princess19 said


    Funny i read this thread as i JUST had this convo tonight with a friend that lives in Vegas. He said you need at least 2 girls for every guy to get in relativley quickly and dont try going in a massive group. try to split it up into smaller groups.

    Last time i was there I was walking through Paris with a friend of mine and some promoter handed us comp passes to Risque.I had never been there before and i had a blast. If theyre handing out comp passes it will be way early and once there is a line they will usually stop handing them out.

  • 27 Apr 2008 Elbeezy aka Cappy P. said

    Elbeezy aka Cappy P.

    damn that **** about taking 2 girls with you is harsh…

    gonna have to make sure i got that fixed up before me and my mate hit up some LV clubs..

    Hopefully the tikas girls will lend us a hand if needed!

  • 28 Apr 2008 Explorer1095870 said


    I went with just me and my guy friend and we got in just fine….

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