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Should i do it????

25 Oct 2008 Explorer1115381 asked

Hi All,<BR><BR>Just wanting some advice...<BR>I am a 27yr old girl from Australia wanting to experience something different and exciting. I have recently travelled to Hawaii and absolutely loved it.<BR>I have been looking into different USA tours and am seriously thinking of doing a few contikki tours around the states next year in April.<BR>Can anyone offer advice as to is this a good time of year to go? Will i meet other people my age or am i going to be to old for a Contikki? <BR>Also has anyone done a tour alone before and if so, how was it? Were you left out of a lot of things due to this?<BR><BR>Please please offer any advice or feedback, it will be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks so much, Hayley.
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  • 26 Oct 2008 Pervy said


    I can’t answer the question about April being a good time to go but i’m sure it will be. I’ve always gone around the end of May, as for people around the age of 27 no problems there. I know on the tour i’m doing(Grand Southern) there are people aged 21, 24, 29, 30, 32, plus older.
    On my tuors there have been lots of people travel on their own and i’ve never seen anyone left out. I’ll be doing a tour by myself and i’m not worried about being left out at all.

  • 26 Oct 2008 Explorer1115381 said


    Awesome, thanks for that.
    I think regardless it is something i should just do anyway, i am looking forward to having new experiences, meeting new people and just having fun.
    Any specific tours that you recommend?

  • 26 Oct 2008 Pervy said


    Hi Hayley. Depends on how long you can go for and what you want to see. I’ve done the Wild Western and Grand Northern and both were great. North by North East (part of Grand Northern) was good as it takes in some great cities such as Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Chicago plus it starts in New York which is an amazing city. Second half of the Grand Northern is good if you like national parks as it goes to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon but also spends the last 2 nights in Las Vegas which is crazy.You finish that tour in LA. Any of the shorter west coast tours that make up the Wild Western are good but i’d do the full Wild Western or LA to the Bay tour. These two tours take in great sights like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite which was my pick of the stops when I did it. Plus you go to some big cities such as San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Plus there are the Southern tours which I do next year.
    Have a look at which tours go to the places you want to see the most and go from there.

  • 26 Oct 2008 said


    If a Hawaii style vacation is what you are looking for, Id stay away from the North-East and North-West in april. At that time it wont be super cold, but for the most part you will still need a Jacket. When I lived up by Montreal, normally had snow untill early-mid April.
    Newyork and even Toronto wont have snow, but a normal April for us would be in shorts and a hoodie, for you it might be a Jacket and some pants ha. Its still a wonderfull time to see the sights, you just might need a light spring jacket(jumper:P) to wear while your here!
    As far as going alone and age, on my Trip I was the 4th youngest and I am 22, A Lot more were in the 25-30 bracket then I thought would be, but overall it didnt matter, the 19 year olds hung-out and did the touristy stuff with the 32 year olds, and the 32 year olds outdrank me nightly haha Id say about 1/3 of the trip was alone, including myself, first day was a bit harsh, well first 5 or 10 minutes, then you talk to someone, and someone eles, and before you know it you are even talking to that cute girl(in your case boy haha) across the room! lol
    Hope that helps a little bit lol

  • 26 Oct 2008 Explorer1115381 said


    Thanks for the response.
    Sounds good, and gives me something more to think about hey!!!
    I think i should just do it, knida need to get away hey.
    What trips would you recommend?

  • 26 Oct 2008 Explorer1103880 said


    Do the grand southern. It’s 26 days and you go to a hell of a lot of places Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    good price too.

  • 13 Dec 2008 caja13 said


    In a word –—YES——-

    I did the wild western in June 08 if you have any questions.

    As for ages we had 18 as the youngest and 33 at the oldest. Age didn’t matter.

    It was awesome!!

    And if you go to the grand canyon (and you should) do the helicopter flight. I was lucky enough to sit next to the pilot and it was the highlight of the trip!!

  • 13 Dec 2008 gig08 said


    I agree with going on the Grand Southern!!
    I did it earlier this year and it was amazing. One of the best times of my life! I went alone and agree with everyone else that it wasn’t an issue!

    The one good thing about the GS is that most of the Southern States would probably be a little bit warmer temperature wise for you at that time of year…I went in Feb and through most of the deep south was able to wear skirts/t-shirts… It’s still spring, but would be warmer than places that get snow during the winter!

  • 13 Dec 2008 Explorer1115381 said


    Thanks so much for the advice. Glad the weather will be warming up at that time, i am thinking i will go more toward mid to end of May now. Which means that i will also be there around June, July.
    I can not wait…also can anyone tell me what additional tours would be good to do.
    I am thinking of mexico before and then the North by North east after that.

    Can anyone tell me if the Mexico tours are good though? Not sure as i know they are kind of new.

  • 14 Dec 2008 Kimmibub said


    Hey. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am a 24 year old (will be 25 when the tours start) and I was umming and arring about travelling for three reasons mainly:
    1. The age thing- even though Contiki is meant to be for 18-35’s, reading alot of this forum and talking to others elsewhere, it seemed that the median age was about 20-21, which seems like so long ago Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    2. Travelling alone- I am going on my first trip overseas and was a bit hesitant at first, but soon came around as alot of people on Contiki go it alone and in the end make heaps of friends while on trip.
    3. The economy was a bit of a turn off- the dollar is a lil weaker than what it was in July, and let’s face it doesn’t make it that appealing to spend all that money for an overseas holiday, well that was what I thought anyway.
    After much deliberation with myself, I chose to go ahead with it. Mainly because I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t do it. I am lucky I suppose- I have a stable job where my boss is ok with me going overseas so everything is great there. I have folks that are fine with me coming back home if times get tough money wise when I return and can help me out a bit if I get a bit stuck.
    I say go for it- you only live once!!!
    BTW- the tours I am heading off on are
    Wild Western: May 27- June 9
    Grand Southern: June 11- July 6
    NY Explorer: July 7- July 10
    LA Explorer: July 11- July 14
    Maybe I’ll see you on one of them Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    BTW again: Mexico tours I think are still postponed until further notice because of what is happening over there at the moment

  • 17 Dec 2008 Explorer1115381 said


    Hi there Kim ,(i am guessing that is where Kimmi bub comes from..correct me if i am wrong though!)

    Thanks so much for your response, it is good to hear that someone else has the same reservations as me. Your post though and advice from some friends and fam is that i am only young once so i may as well make the most of it.
    It is funny cause this has always been my attitude but at home lately it seems to be changing cos it seems to be the same old thing all the time here.
    I guess i just want to experience soemthing different, not matter how long i go for home will always be here.
    Thanks for your advice on mexico, i am just checking that out with the travel agent if they are not going ahead i may add on Hawaii at the end of my trip for a few days.
    I to am thinking of wanting to do the Wild western and Grand Southern… it all sounds really exciting.
    It would be great to see you on one of the tours. Where abouts are you on the Gold Coast?

  • 18 Dec 2008 Mel said


    Hi there Hayley!

    just do it is all i can say. I did the LA to the Bay with my husband last year and we were around 30ish at the time and it was no probs ! we found alot of the tour were averaging the age of around 25, we had the time of our lives and the age difference did not matter. So much so that we are heading off to do the Grand Southern in May next year and cant wait – just the best way to travel. Silent Angel is right – check out your budget and then decide, but im sure whatever tour you decide to do will be fabulous ! Also travelling on your own – about 3/4 of our tour group were on their own and i have to say this is a plus as then people ‘have to make an effort’ to talk and all get along so its a major benefit !

  • 18 Dec 2008 Explorer1115381 said


    Thanks guys i really appreciate it. i am getting even more pumped for it as we speak.

    Also i was thinking of doing about 3 tours at once, Mexican tour, GS and also Wild western what do you think? Would this be to much all at once? I would obviously have some time in between each to relax a little, just to recharge the batteries before the next adventure begins…
    What do you think?

  • 20 Dec 2008 Kylie & Braden said


    Hi Hayley,

    You could always look at doing Western highlights,if your trip was getting a little long. I am doing this trip 17th June before heading to Canada for Canadian Rockies with stampede. The highlights tour is only 8 days you still get LA, the Grand canyon, route 66 and Vegas.

  • 11 Feb 2011 Kate said


    Hi – I am 23 and did my contiki trip alone, met some great friends even the tour managers are alot of fun. I went to San Francisco for New Years. Met one friend online (fb group) and met up with the day before the tour started. and then just formed a group. Everyone is very open and includes everyone.
    anyone going to be in LA month of July?

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