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duffle bags?

12 Aug 2007 murphywmm asked

I am going on the Road to Athens tour and I am wondering about my baggage. I have a dufflebag on wheels that I will be using as my suitcase. I found this slip of paper in my Contiki package that says "no duffle bags". However, I saw in another post here from a few months ago that duffle bags were indeed allowed, and I saw others mentioning bringing the same duffle bag with wheels that I am bringing. I am thinking maybe the "no duffle bags" refers to being on the actual seating of the bus.<BR><BR>So basically I would just like to confirm before I go that it will be okay for me to bring the duffle bag with wheels on my tour as my suitcase.
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  • 12 Aug 2007 southernhighlander said


    just looked thru my contiki catalogues and there is nothing about can’t take a duffle bag only thing been said is that you can take a backpack with a metal frame on the outside of it as it makes packing harder.but i would if i was you ask contiki about it.

  • 12 Aug 2007 cdm115 said


    as long as it falls within the total dimensions for luggage you should be ok.

  • 14 Aug 2007 Steftacular said


    we had a few people bring rolling duffles on tour and it was fine – so no worries and have fun!

  • 23 May 2009 CRChiasson said


    I know this topic was originally on awhile ago, but wondering if anyone knows if it’s still ok to take a rolling duffle along with you? I have the piece of paper that says no duffle bags, but mine is on wheels and has a hard framed bottom, so I’m confused. Just don’t want to get turned away the morning I go to get on the bus. Thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 May 2009 said


    Wheeled Duffle Bags and even normal Duffles will be fine.

    This is the bag I took, It isn’t for sale anymore(has been discontinued I believe) but the measurements are still up on the site to give you a size comparison.

    I think the problem with Duffles was that people were using them as their daypacks, which end up being “left on the bus all daypacks” as our TM put it. Your daypack or carry on luggage(for the bus) shouldn’t be much more than a backpack stuffed with your camera/rain-jacket/sweater with some place for things you might buy throughout the day, no point in dragging around more than that when you are sightseeing.

  • 24 May 2009 said


    That should be fine, I plan on using a small duffel as my main bag and a messenger bag for my day bag on my next trip.

    It only took walking up the steps at the first hotel for me to realize bringing such a large bag as a big mistake lol Don’t plan on making that one again.

  • 25 May 2009 CRChiasson said


    Thanks for the info…and the pic. Mine’s a bit smaller than your large one was Christoff and I’ve got a messenger bag for my day bag, so by the sounds of it I should be fine.

  • 12 Jul 2009 Darren said


    Hmm. Your back isn’t what I would have called a Duffel Bag, Christoff. It looks more like a sleeping bag. My only bag is a duffel bag, but it looks EXACTLY like the one in the picture that says “No duffel bags”. I got it back in my army days, it’s identical to this:

    I don’t really see what they have against duffels. Easier to pack them. They’re like grout, you can stuff them in anywhere to fill gaps as needed. I was personally getting ready to head out and buy a new suitcase when I though I’d search the boards first.

    Since yours was a “duffel bag” with very firm, rectangular dimensions, that might have been the difference. Maybe they just don’t want anything flimsy and unstructured. If so, I may still need to finally upgrade my luggage (I’ve been using that duffel for 12 years).

  • 13 Jul 2009 ptooma said


    I’ve seen duffle bags on tours such as and as long as you don’t mind getting your stuff messed up and tossed around and stuffed as filler, duffle bags should be ok. Just keep to the weight limit at the beginning of the tour which should be easy to do since they weigh next to nothing when empty.

    Contiki’s concern is probably that since there’s so much extra space at the beginning, you can load them up with stuff excessively during the tour and end up w/ a 40kg bag at the end of the tour … stay away from souvenir rocks.

    - Vic

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