Which optionals are really worth it?

26 Aug 2010 danielle asked

I am going on Road to Athens plus greek island cruise and i am having lots of trouble choosing optionals. it would great if you guys could give me feed back on which ones were actually good and worth the money!The following are the ones i am not sure about..<BR><BR>Paris: <BR>Nouvelle Eve Dinner & Show<BR><BR>Lucerne:<BR>Mt. Stanserhorn (Cable car)<BR>Lake Lucerne cruise<BR><BR>Austria:<BR>Mountain bike tour<BR><BR>Venice:<BR>Venetian Resturant<BR>Florence:<BR>Tuscan dinner<BR>Space Electionic Disco<BR><BR>Corfu:<BR>Car hire<BR>Dinner and greek dancing<BR><BR>Athens: Plaka meal<BR><BR>Kusadasi: <BR>Ephesus<BR><BR>Patmos:<BR>Monastery of Apocalypse and St. John's Grotto<BR><BR>Crete:<BR>Palace of Knossos<BR><BR>Santorini:<BR>Sailing and Volcano<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch!<img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->



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