Grand northern september 18th 09 advice

31 Jan 2009 Brad1877 said

Hi I'm going on the GN in september and was wondering about a couple of things.<BR>1- How much money will I need for the tour?<BR>2- What is the general cost of food/meals we have to buy?<BR>Also I am staying on in LA and was wondering what are the best things to do there? Planning to go to disneyland. What else should I do?<BR>Thanks<BR>Brad
  • 31 Jan 2009 BigMal said


    I did the GS back in Sep07 and i budgeted about 100USD a day for everything. Way over budgeted but still didnt have to scrimp on anything Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 31 Jan 2009 Mel said


    I agree with BigMal- $100 US a day is a great guideline. I did LA to the Bay in Sept 07 and it was more than enough and i pretty much brought what i wanted without wondering if i had enough money. In LA, you could do that stars tour, thats pretty cool as you get to see quite a bit of LA as well as the stars homes. We also did a tour where it went to VEnice Beach and Santa Monica. If you like to shop or people watch the Beverly Centre is great for that, especially the people watching…. ooohh how the other half live !!! Hope that helps.

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