Auckland & Christchurch hostels

18 Aug 2008 ashlie said

Hi, <BR>Got my tour booked for November. Staying in Auckland for 5 nights, and christchurch about 4 nights before and after my tour. Can anyone recommend good hostels? I'm on a budget yet want a central location.<BR>Thanks!
  • 18 Aug 2008 ptooma said


    * ACB Base (largest hostel in all of NZ – many available services)
    * Base Auckland

    * Base Christchurch

    However, do yourself a favour and stay one night at Hotel So – so friggin amazing and fairly inexpensive too !!!

    - Vic

  • 22 Aug 2008 ashlie said


    thanks ptooma,
    I booked into ACB base. I was looking at that one before I made the post. Just wanted to confirm with others what they thought. Havent booked c/church yet. Still have plenty of time. Yes, I hear Hotel So is good. Might stay there just on my last night before I head home. Thats if money permits. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Sep 2008 aussie liz said


    There is only one Base in Auckland according to the site. Though i swear my Lonely Planet guide says there are 2.

    Im going to book in to Base for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Wish they had a pass thing like if you are going over the country you can buy a certain number of nights together discounted rate. I have to pay for 12 nights…..along with my tours.

  • 6 Sep 2008 ptooma said


    The X-Base on 16 Fort Street is now operated by Nomad Hostels

    I’ve stayed at both locations and both are similar.

    - Vic

  • 7 Sep 2008 ashlie said


    Hi Liz,
    Yeah i thought there were two as well. I booked for ACB. But I know there is also just a Base Backpackers as well as Auckland Central Base Backpackers. (both in Auckland that is). Yes it would be good for a discount thing, I managed to do that with some Europe hostels. But I suppose in the end with Base you know what you are getting!

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