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Money, again.

13 Aug 2006 sadie101 said

hey everyone! <img src="" alt="Razzer" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::p--><BR>Ive read a few posts on money and everyone seems to have a different idea on the amount of money you should take with if there are any experienced contiki travellers how much did you alot for each day in europe ive heard max 100.00 euro, and one i havn't read ne thing about is how much for england. im thinking of doing the great britain tour and just wanted to know how much i should take for each day?<BR><BR>thanks heaps, any advise would be fantastic <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D-->
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  • 13 Aug 2006 Cat1984 said


    Hey sadie,

    Im guessing the reason people have different ideas on money is that everyone has a different budget and maximum amount they can spend.

    EG if you only had $500 for a 10 day tour your budget would be $50 a day, but if you had $5000 your budget would be $100 a day.

    Take as much money as you can afford. Seriously avoid getting into debt (im a strong believer in only getting into debt over things that appreciate in value eg a house). Start saving now. Its better to have access to too much money than not enough.

    Peronally im budgeting on the A$100 a day. Im doing a budget tour so you may find these people have a lower budget than people doing hotel tours. If i spend more i spend more. If i spend less than bonus. Im not going to not buy something because i didn’t budget for it. If i see a $6000 diamond that i just must have (I wouldn’t buy one in a million years but i needed an example) i will buy it because i know i have the cash (wouldn’t be able to buy a new car when i get back but i would have a shiny rock). And im not going to have any regrets!!

    Start saving, don’t stress over money, and don’t feel you have to conform to someone else’s budget.


  • 15 Aug 2006 kamala said


    I had budgeted about $100US a day for my tour (3 days in London prior to Euro Discovery), based on the messageboards’ recommendations, which turned out not to be enough. It isn’t that I spent way too much on food or souvenirs (I would buy one nice souvenir every few days for around €40: a stein, a Vatican art book, a painting from a street artist, etc.). I ran out of money anyway because I didn’t realize how expensive London was going to be. I don’t know about the rest of Great Britain, but I would plan to save up double for London. We went out to dinner in Covent Garden our first night there and I was charged £1 ($2) for each of the extras on my burger (cheese and bacon). $4 for a slice of cheese and two measly strips of bacon? My burger, fries and water cost £20 ($40). That’s insane! Later when we tried to eat for cheap, we went to Subway. It’s like they took the menu with American prices and brought it over to London and changed all the $ to £. £3 ($6) for a 6 in. meatball? That, too, is outrageous for fast food. I would hope that the rest of Great Britain is more affordable, but I’d ask those who have been all over GB. London left a bad taste in my mouth specifically because of its expense, I don’t know that I would have any interest in going back.
    It seemed like other people on my tour brought LOADS of money since they were all buying big ticket items in Florence and Lucerne (leather jackets, nomination bracelets, Swiss watches, etc. etc.). Or maybe I was just looking at everyone else’s souvenirs since I couldn’t afford any of my own at that point.
    It’s always better to have too much money than not enough on a Contiki tour (true in life too).

  • 15 Aug 2006 ptooma said


    1/2 grilled chicken breast in London cost me £20. Nothing fancy – slice of tomato and lettuce for coloring and some fries … yeah … London is pricewise, outta sync with the rest of Europe. But 45 days and US$4500 … I was comfy and did all the optionals.

    - Vic

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