Aussie Explorer - Help, I'm packing!

29 Nov 2006 Daryl.F said

I fly Saturday, so advise fast would be helpful ;-)

I'm looking for advise from somebody who's taken the Aussie Explorer before... am I packing too much?

12 short-sleeve shirts
|-- 7 tshirts
|-- 3 button-up short sleeve
|-- 2 golf-stype short sleeve
3 cut-off-shirts (tank-tops)
6 pairs of shorts
2 pants
2 swimsuits

In addition to a pair of jeans, light sweater, and t-shirt I plan to wear on the plane.

When can I expect to do laundry? One of the other posts said Alice Springs was convenient. I feel like I have enough clothes to wear once through-out the entire 25 days... which isn't exactly what I was hoping for as it equates to a more than enough...

Do I need any "nicer" clothes for dinners and such?

All tips welcome!


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