October 2011? And a general question.

25 Dec 2010 SthOzLad asked

Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I was thinking of doing this tour sometime in October 2011. I've done 4 north american tours before and have been to all cities on this tour except San Fran twice ( san fran once) but some friends want to go and Im keen to go back. Even though ive been before theres still plenty more to do and see that I didnt last time. <BR><BR>Is there anyone else thinking of going during this time? My friends bailed on me the last time I went so I'll probably end up going solo again, though thats not a problem. Im also of thinking of going to Hawaii before the tour. <BR><BR>I have a general question too. Does the tour manager fly to the different cities with the contikiers? Or is it a new TM in each city? Thanks<BR><BR>Aaron
  • 5 Feb 2011 Ashlie said


    I’m booking to do this tour in November 2011. From what ive read on here the tour manager flys with us to all the cities.



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