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About vaccinations for Egypt........

29 Jan 2008 Melanie said

Hey everyone,<BR>Just wondering whether it really is a good idea to get the Rabies injection or not.....Cost for me would be $390......
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  • 30 Jan 2008 superjess said


    Hey, I went on the trip in September & I had zero vaccinations- totally fine- I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • 1 Feb 2008 Explorer1086218 said


    I wouldn’t worry about getting any vaccinations. No one in my tour group had any issues that a bottle of pepto wouldn’t help.

  • 1 Feb 2008 MJ said


    I’m planning on this in Nov and my dr suggested a Hep shot. Ask your Physician they know your health history the best.

  • 1 Feb 2008 Kam said

    Originally posted by Melanie:
    Hey everyone,
    Just wondering whether it really is a good idea to get the Rabies injection or not…..Cost for me would be $390……

    The only vaccination my doctor recommended was the Hep shot referred to above. Ask your doctor about it as soon as possible, as it is a two two shot series that must be taken a few months apart.

  • 1 Feb 2008 MJ said


    forgot to mention she told me about the CDC website.

  • 2 Feb 2008 LadyBug said


    Definitely get Hep A. Some of the food there is pretty much hep a on a plate. And considering my mum got it here in Australia, it’s really easy to get! Make sure your tetanus is up to date too and you should be fine.

  • 2 Feb 2008 ilene said


    The Hep A here in US would be almost $300 and insurance won’t cover it, so I’m going without and hoping for the best!

  • 2 Feb 2008 MJ said


    Could you go to the county and get it? I was quoted about $100 from the county here in Az. If you are a student you might be able to get it cheap at the clinic at the college if they offer it. Just some alternatives. Also if you don’t make a lot of money there is a state access program you might qualify for every state has one.

  • 3 Feb 2008 nhillary said


    If you’re an American and live close to the boarder check out Canada. I don’t know what it would be for you guys coming up here, but it’s $25 for any shot for us…(rabies, Hep A and B dual shot). It may just end up being the same price as you would pay at home, but possibly worth looking into…

  • 4 Feb 2008 LadyBug said


    Try to do whatever you can to get it because it’s the most common preventable traveller’s illness. It’s literally everywhere in Egypt and most websites say it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get it. Considering it takes around 6 months until you get better, I’d be hopping borders or something to get it!

  • 4 Feb 2008 Bly said


    Regarding the rabies vaccination, it really isn’t needed to go to Egypt. Rabies is curable, and if you’re bit by a rabid animal you need to be given a series of shots starting within 14 days from being bitten. In some countries they don’t have the vaccine, so if you’re bit you have to be flown somewhere to recieve it. A lady I work with recently went to India, and decided to get the vaccine simply because India doesn’t have it avaliable there, so if she got bit, she’d have to be flown to Nepal. She figured it was worth the $400. But I went to the same health nurse when I went to Egypt, and that lady didn’t suggest rabies… leaving me to assume that the vaccination is avaliable there.

    Hep A & B are recommended, and last I heard the vaccine is good for 15 years, and possibly for life. So if you’re planning on visiting other third world countries in the next 15 years you’d be good there too!

  • 4 Feb 2008 Melanie said


    Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. I ended up getting Typhoid and Polio vaccinations. I have already been immunised against Hep A & B previously. Decided against the Rabies vaccination for now. Hopefully all will be good Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 5 Feb 2008 Kam said


    Good luck!

  • 6 Feb 2008 JClemy said


    I’ve heard Dukoral is not a bad idea. What part of Canada are you getting shots for $25? I had to get a prescription for Hep A and Dukoral but they are less than $100 for both.…me_id=1819&page_no=2

    The Dukoral also protects for 5 years so it’s pretty sweet.

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