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Grand Exp. starting May 6th?

1 Feb 2008 Laura asked

is anyone else out there doing the grand explorer starting auckland on may 6th? <BR><BR>i hope im not by myself! =S
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  • 26 Feb 2008 Heather said



    I’m on the Grand Adventurer starting May 8th, we meet up with you guys in Auckland. Don’t worry, you’re not by yourself!

  • 27 Feb 2008 Laura said


    oh awesome!

    yeh ive been checking out the adventurer threads aswell to see if anyone was doing ur tour. im glad i wont be alone!! do u know of anyone else doing the tour??

  • 28 Feb 2008 Heather said


    No, I don’t know anyone else, travelling solo! I can’t wait !!!

  • 28 Feb 2008 Laura said


    its going 2 be so much fun!!
    how old r u (if u dont mind me asking..) and where abouts r u from?
    im 20 from australia.
    r u heading there a few days before ur tour or the day before?

  • 29 Feb 2008 Heather said


    I’m twenty-two and from Canada, so I have a pretty long flight overseas.

    I’m only gonna be there one day before the tour and I’ll probably be getting over some major jet lag. And I’m actually heading to Australia after the tour is over!

  • 29 Feb 2008 Laura said


    im glad its only a few hrs difference between aus and nz.. i wont be too jet lagged..

    wht optionals are you looking at doing? will u be bungy jumping? thats one thing i definately want 2 try!!

  • 3 Mar 2008 Heather said


    I don’t know if I could willingly do bungee jumping! I’d need to be semi-conscious and pushed over Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    I’m thinking skydiving in Queenstown and maybe parasailing. I also want to go on that ice climb at Fox Glacier!

    You’ll have to let me know where you guys are staying in Auckland on your tour, so that I can meet up with you guys the day before the tour and you can introduce me to everyone!

  • 3 Mar 2008 Laura said


    skydiving and parasailing sound good!! although skydiving would b scary.. im hoping i wont chicken out of bungy jumping.. ive told everyone im going 2 do it so i have to..

    im not sure if we r staying in auckland the night u get there, i think we pass through at lunch time and thatd be when we meet up.. im still hoping some more ppl will be doing the explorer so im not alone on the first few days..

    where abouts in australia are u headed after nz? and just wonderin do u have a facebook?

  • 4 Mar 2008 Alex said


    Hi, I am coming from Florida, and should be ariving on the 5th of May.

  • 4 Mar 2008 Heather said


    Yeah, I don’t want to chicken out either, we’ll see!! Too bad that you guys aren’t in Auckland for a day before.

    Looks like Alex will be joining you at least, that’s awesome, we’ve found one more person!!

    I’m heading up the east coast of Australia after this tour (Sydney to Cairns), never been and can’t wait! Is that around your neck of the woods??

    Facebook is Heather Middleton (

  • 4 Mar 2008 Laura said


    welcome alex!! good 2 see theres more people joining us!! i get there on the 5th aswell.. around 6 pm, r u staying at the mercure that night?

    im from melbourne, sadly ive never been 2 sydney or anywhere up the coast.. ive only been 2 alice springs.. so i cant tell uhow it is.. but i imagine its awesome and my friends tell me its awesome!

    whts the weather going 2 be like b4 u go 2 nz? its going 2 be cold in nz.. hope ur not coming from hot weather!

  • 5 Mar 2008 Alex said


    Hello Heather and Laura, I am getting into Auckland around 6:30am, and will be staying at the Mercure that night, I figured I come in a day early to recuperate from the jet lag I will have when I arrive. In May the weather in Florida is pretty warm around that time. I am imagining it will be Fall in NZ, so I am not sure if I would need to bring a heavy coat, or if a windbreaker would do.

    Facebook is Alexander Delgado (

  • 7 Mar 2008 Heather said


    Laura, The weather will be about the same in Saskatoon, Canada as it is in New Zealand at that time of year (it was -30 deg C yesterday, so anything will be a treat)!!!

    Alex, I’m planning on bringing a water resistant outer shell that has a light fleece inside, because I don’t want to get cold. Although, I don’t know if that’s overdoing it??

  • 11 Mar 2008 Laura said


    lucky that the weather will be the same.. i cant really tell cos melbourne weather is all over the place so i dont really know wht it will be.. cold but not that cold.. our coldest day is like 15.. where nz will be like 10 to in the minuses.. ive never experienced weather in the minuses..
    ive brought a few warm clothes.. preparing myself.. not too sure wht to take tho.. gotta get a raincoat, or something.. dont know wht to take for nights out.. i guess after some alcohol the cold wouldnt be too much of a problem.. but it might be too cold at night for some of the clothes i already own to wear out at night.. hmm
    wht sorta clothes r u taking to wear out ?

  • 11 Mar 2008 Alex said


    Looks, like I will take a thin Winter Coat(you know the ones we use in Florida Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> ), a rain coat, and blue jeans. I will be excited not to be running around in suites and ties Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->…

  • 1 Apr 2008 Jules said



    I’ll be on the trip! I will be my first time travelling alone, eee

    I will be heading to Australia on the 25th of April, then over to Auckland on the 3rd of May. I see i’m not the only Canadian heading over, although i’m hoping my jet lag is gone by the time I reach NZ Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 2 Apr 2008 Laura said


    hi jules!!
    good to see you’ll be on this trip!! its going to be so much fun!!
    where abouts in aus are you headed before you go to nz? im sure your jetlag will be fine, there is only like 2 hours difference between aus and nz.

  • 4 Apr 2008 Jules said


    Hehe, I was just joking about the Jet Lag. I’m heading to Cairns for 5 days on the Learn to Dive tour. I’m really looking forward to it seeing as i’ve never dove before. I can’t wait to see NZ though!! I’m going to be staying at a friends place for a couple nights before heading over to the tour’s meeting place. Soo excited to party in Auckland!

  • 4 Apr 2008 Alex said


    hi Jules, I am leaving from the States on the 3rd and should be arriving on the morning of the 5th, so I feel you on the jet lag. We should meet up for drinks the night before the tour starts.

  • 4 Apr 2008 Laura said


    oh diving is so much fun! i learnt to dive last year, its amazing.. no words can describe it..
    how old r u?? do u have a facebook? ur lucky to have a friend over there! thatd make things alot easier!!

    we should plan to all meet up the night before the tour at the bar at the hotel.. im sure there is one.. when i get there from the airport and checked in thats where im heading!! im sure they will arrange something tho.. i think thats wht ive heard from people doing other tours..

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