Grand Explorer- Jan.15- Jan.29 starting Auckland

31 Aug 2007 Cindy Lou Who said

Hello,<BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone else is on this tour. I can't wait, only 5 more months!<BR><BR>Cindy
  • 3 Oct 2007 Helena said


    Hi! I’m Helena – from Adelaide, Australia. I’m 20 but will be 21 by the time the tour comes around! Are you getting into Auckland a day early? I’m so excited – the options look amazing – I hope you’re ready to sky dive and bungy jump!!!! :-D

  • 5 Oct 2007 Cindy Lou Who said


    Hi Helena,
    Well I’m glad to hear someone else is on the same tour!
    I’m from Alberta, Canada, on the older end of the scale. I’m doing the NZ tour & then 2 other Contiki tours in Australia while I’m still under the age limit! After the tour I am flying to Perth to see friends I’ve met on other tours, & then am visiting a girl in Adelaide!
    I arrive in Auckland on the 14th of January in the am. How bout you? I’m hoping I won’t be too jet lagged to check out the city.
    I know, the options sound so amazing! I definitely want to do the skydive, & hope I have the nerve to do all 3 bungys!
    We will have so much fun!!!!

  • 29 Oct 2007 Aussiegirl said


    I’m on the Grand Explorer on Jan 15th but going in the opposite direction – I am starting in Christchurch!!

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