Winter Wanderer?

28 Nov 2007 Joanna asked

Hi All, at this stage I'm planning on doing the winter wanderer tour late next year and was wondering what people thought of it or if there is a better option? thanks!
  • 9 Dec 2007 Courtney said


    hey there

    i just got of the winter wanderer tour. had a blast it was soo great. definantly think about this one.

  • 24 Jan 2008 Erin said



    Im thinking of doing the winter wanderer tour – departing 20th dec – spend new years in rome with one of the other girls i work with!!!

  • 27 Jan 2008 Chris said


    Hi, i have just come back from a European Vista. I had an awesome time. The vista i went on was slightly different to the one contiki is advertising now. instead of Prague i went to Budapest in the tour. I did however go to Prague after and both were nice cities, worth the visit if you have the time. i also stayed 2 nights in munich and 1 in vienna but the current one is the other way around.

    From what i can see the wanderer is much the same as the vista but you go to Barcelona and Berlin. I went to Barcelona after my contiki tour and it was good. didn’t make it to Berlin but i think it would be a cool city. from what i can see it is a good tour. As long as you get 2 nights and one day, because you travel the others, in the big cities it will be a good tour. I think this tour would be better than the vista because you see a few more cities like Barcelona, Lyon and Berlin. It really depends if you have the time and little bit of extra money.

    Thanks all i can really say. oh and winter will be great. i found that there was hardly any lines for the major sights and your traveling time on the bus is less. if done get caught in summer holiday traffic on the bus. I’m from Perth, Aus and the cold didn’t bother me. Thats it i think. if you want to ask me anything else go ahead and I’ll try and get back to you.

  • 2 Feb 2008 brian said


    I just went on the winter wanderer tour and we actually stayed in rome for new years. it was super cool but everything is closed on new years day. oh and the new years eve dinner for 60 euro was a rip off. I will be posting a full review soon. email me and I can answer anyones questions…

  • 5 Feb 2008 Kristin/nsw said


    hi joanna, my names kristin im from nsw australia and i will be going on the winter wanderer at the end of this year 2008. I’m going with 3 other people and we’re going on the dec 13- jan 5 one we will be spending christmas day in rome and new years eve in prague. Can’t wait. to anyone out there with tips on what to take. It would be really useful. Thanks.

  • 9 Feb 2008 julieguru said


    Hi everyone! I am also going on the Dec 20 Winter Wanderer tour with a friend.

    Erin81 – where are you from? Have you booked on the tour yet?

    I have booked on the tour and put down the deposit, so now i have to start saving Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->


  • 18 Feb 2008 Bliss Madonna said

    Bliss Madonna

    WINTER WANDERER IS THE BEST TOUR EVER!! i went last Nov/Dec and had the best time – the places we got to see were just amazing and the fact that we got 2 nights in almost every city we visited didnt make the trip so rushed. i highly reccommend it, cant give enough praise to contiki for such an awesum time

  • 1 Mar 2008 julieguru said


    Jennababe- I’m going on the 20th Dec, but do you mean the 20th or the 10th? The other link has people going on the 10th.

    Has anyone booked their flights yet? I have been looking around for some good specials but it’s hard at that time of the year before Christmas!

    Also, I’m hoping that being a Contiki right around Christmas that it will be popular and won’t be cancelled? What are the chances?


  • 4 Mar 2008 jennababe27 said


    whoops – bahaha sorry guys… got mixed up, i was originally going on the 20th, but changed it to the 10th.. lol

    anyhoo hope everyone has a great time on their trip Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 8 Mar 2008 Explorer1092436 said


    Im going on the Winter Wanderer on 13th Dec 08! Sooooo excited, now even more excited after reading your great comments whoo whoo bring it on!!!

  • 23 Mar 2008 Rhiannon said


    Hi everyone im thinking of doing the winter wanderer leaving on the 26th or 29th of november. is anyone else doing one of these tours? also how many days do you think i’ll need in london just to do the sight seeing?? i was thinking of arriving three days early.


    rj xx

  • 1 May 2008 Tam said


    Hi RJ

    I plan on doing the Winter Wanderer on 24 Dec (Xmas in Paris New Year in French Riviera)

    have fun whatever date you go.. i know i will


  • 5 Aug 2008 Gina said


    I’m planning on doing the 10th dec winter wanderer as well!
    Having trouble convincing mates to come….are there many people goin it alone?
    I’m from NZ and will be 22.
    Sounds like it’ll be an awesome trip!!


  • 11 Aug 2008 Steff86 said


    My mate and i are think of doin this one from the 28th oct to 8th nov i think….anyone elso goin to this one

  • 11 Aug 2008 MeganSD said

    Originally posted by Steff86:
    My mate and i are think of doin this one from the 28th oct to 8th nov i think….anyone elso goin to this one

    Hi Steff! Did you mean the 25th oct-17th nov 08 trip? I’m all bokked up for that and i know one other girl whos going solo as well

  • 14 Aug 2008 Josh said


    Hey all. I did the Winter Wonderer in 2001, At that stage we didnt got to Prague.. but this was my first time overseas and would recommend this tour to anyone that has not been to Europe as tihs trip gives you an idea to the european culture in so many ways. Was a Fantastic trip, met so many good people from so many different places.

    Make you check out the Aussie Bar in Nice France and make sure you party hard in barcelona.

    Have fun People, you will have memories for the rest of lives

  • 13 Nov 2008 Bliss Madonna said

    Bliss Madonna

    i did the winter wanderer tour last nov/dec and it was simply amazing. the best part that sets this tour apart from the other europe ones, is that you get to spend 2 nights in most of the countries, as opposed to only 1 night. this i found made the whole trip way more relaxed and a tad bit less rushed, because you had more free time in each place to go and explore. the countries we only had one night in, i felt i didnt get to see even half of what i did in the places we stayed 2 nights. a longer tour = more time in each country, more time to bond with your new friends and more partying time! the whole trip was a wonderful adventure, one that i think about almost every day!! go for it, i recommend this trip is everyone!!

  • 17 Nov 2008 Bretto81 said


    hey all, me and the gf are heading on the winter wanderer on jan 31st 2009 anyone else going then?

  • 5 Jan 2009 Brodie said



    I am going on the winter wanderer on the 17th of Jan 2009. Anyone here going on the same date?

  • 23 Mar 2009 james.m said


    im pretty keen on the winterwanderer tour departing 16th of december, ive heard the weather can be pretty harsh that time of year and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the issue?? also travelling solo at this stage…any one else goin it solo ill be 20 at the time….




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