Best time of year for Asia

17 Mar 2010 cdm115 said

I think it was posted previously, but I can't find it. <BR><BR>What is the best time of year to go to SE Asia?<BR><BR>What is the worst?
  • 19 Mar 2010 cdm115 said


    Thanks! Unfortunately I probably wont be going for 2 years, but it’s a trip that I will take my time planning. I wanted to start thinking about the time of year I would be going.

  • 12 Apr 2010 sunsetfiesta said

    Originally posted by Explorer1164482:
    Originally posted by Praha335Ci:
    CDM, Good choice of destination, I can guarantee you will enjoy it provided you get there during the right timeframe.

    Ideally November to Feb is the best time to go.
    In April avoid going to Cambodia – It will be almost 40 C with 90%+ humidity, it will be really dry and dusty as well.

    Avoid the monsoon season as the trip will be a total washout.Remember what happened to Forrest in the Nam:…8A6C1BD4B5E&index=21

    Check out my recommendations on this:…54107293/m/245103693

    Seriously don’t listen to this person. All terrible advice. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    actually that advice is spot on. I went in March, very hot, very humid especially in Cambodia, plus there is alot of smoke from burnoffs.

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