Need advice on how to end Eastern Road

1 Jan 2009 neilguha said

Hey Guys

Need some info on this from people who have been there done that.

I'm booked on the eastern road trip in June' 09 for now; may go in May '09..depends. Never done a contiki trip, so super excited to go. Anyways...I won't be reaching Berlin early, trip starts on a Friday and ends on a Wed. No point in going back to the US before Sunday. So, I have 3-4 days to spend after the trip. I'm a little torn between the following.

1. coming back to Berlin from Warsaw in the bus and spending time in Berlin...maybe take a short trip to Nuremberg or Hamburg etc
2. Staying back in Warsaw and maybe taking a short trip to one of the neighboring cities.

Which option would give me more to see after the stuff I've already seen through the contiki trip?

Many thanks in advance,



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