Travelog commuting times- European Adventurer '06

10 Jun 2007 Candice said

Back in '06 I did the 37 day European Adventurer tour (Concept). I have almost finished compiling my travel log. Unfortunately, it remains in-complete because I can't remember the commuting times between the various places. <BR>Since '06 the tour format has changed, making it hard to get this info. <BR>I would really appreciate it if anybody who has kept a travel log for the same tour could post as many of the travel times as possible, or, email me contact details of their Contiki driver or tour guide who worked during the '05-'06 season. My email address is<BR>Listed below are the places I need commuting times for:<BR>London to Paris-<BR>Paris to Lyon-<BR>Lyon to Barcelona-<BR>Barcelona to Antibes-<BR>Antibes to Florence-<BR>Florence to Rome-<BR>Rome to Corfu-<BR>Corfu to Athens-<BR>Athens to Italy-<BR>Venice to Vienna-<BR>Vienna to Munich-<BR>Munich to Hopfgarten-<BR>Hopfgarten to Lauterbrunnen-<BR>Lauterbrunnen to Rhine Valley-<BR>Rhine Valley to Amsterdam-<BR>Amsterdam to London-<BR>Thanks, Candice xo!



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