19 Jan 2007 Am$k!i said

Hi,I embark on my tour of EUROPE in March 07 and wish to gain some advice from all the world travellers out there!!!! I do not want to get charged with all these different charges that you get when travelling abroad. What I am after is - what you travellers found to be the easiest to use and not get charged with conversion rates and transaction charges upon you return home. <BR><BR>I just wanting some advice, I just finished searching the NET to find something of assistance to me but am unable to locate anything<BR><BR>Thanks if you can help<BR><BR>AMY!!!
  • 27 Jan 2007 guitrchik3 said


    I called my bank and credit card company before leaving and they said I had no charges for conversion or anything like that. In the end it was a great way of handling money. I would go to the ATM and gey 50-100 euros here and there and then put some stuff on my credit card. Just do be aware that any optionals must be paid in cash. I didn’t know that and I ended up taking more out of the bank than I had wanted to. Whatever you do, DON’T use travellers cheques. All the Australians on my tour had big issues with that.

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