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European Adventurer 21 August 2010

17 Nov 2009 Chelsea said

A friend and I (both 22 yr old kiwi birds) are booked for this trip, it's going to be amazing.<BR><BR>Feel free to get in touch if you're taking the same tour (facebook is a good option)<BR><BR>Chelsea Peters<BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Chels
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  • 26 Nov 2009 Sully said


    How’s it goin?

    A mate and I (22 and 23yo aussie fellas) have booked this trip. Also goin back to Oktoberfest for 5 days on 28th sep.

  • 27 Nov 2009 Chelsea said


    Hey Sully,
    Stoked to hear you guys are coming on Contiki with us.
    I think Jess above will also be going back to Oktoberfest.
    When’s everyone arriving in London? and is anyone staying on after travelling?
    (and what’s the general opinion of moneybelts? A necessary safety proceedure or ridiculous paranoia that makes peoples clothes sit weird?)
    xx Chels

  • 27 Nov 2009 Sully said


    We get to London on the 19th, haven’t booked accom yet. We plan to stay on longer, return flight isn’t until 14th oct.

    Not too sure about money belt, still have to get my passport!

  • 27 Nov 2009 jess_mack said


    hey sully, yeh me and my friend are doing the exact same 2 tours that you’re doing were from melb and will be 22 and 23 by the time the tours start.

    were staying at generater hostel in london, sposedly its THE place to stay, so excited!

    you have facebook?

    and chels, im not sure about moneybelts yet :S ahaha i guess i havnt even thought about it, il prob buy one cos theyre cheap and if i dont use it owell

  • 28 Nov 2009 Sully said


    Hey angel. Good to see another one doing the tour.

    Hey jess, thats cool you girls are doing the oktoberfest tour aswell. Hope you like drinking beer! What date do you two fly back to OZ? The Generator Hostel looks good, we were gonna stay at the Royal National Hotel but thinking the hestel is the go.

  • 28 Nov 2009 jess_mack said


    yeh were staying at the royal national hotel for the night before the adventurer starts but thats coz the tour starts at 6am departing from there and dont want to be messing around in the morning, plus theres always a pre meeting the night before at the hotel for a quick intro and i dont want to miss that. but the hostel is so much cheaper and right in the centre of everything so works out muchhh better in the long run for the rest of the time im there.

    im getting back home 5th october
    cant wait for oktoberfest ahahah, im going to have to learn to drink quicker seeing the size of the glasses we get and i hate hot beer :S

  • 28 Nov 2009 TashD said


    hey jess – im arriving on the 17th.. and checkin into the Royal on the 20th cause i didnt want to be rushing in the morning either!!
    wow you and sully are doing the Oktoberfest one afterwards lol your gonna have so much fun there!

    Just wanna apologise in advance -im not a great cook… just read that we have to help out!!!

    And im trying to figure out how im going to fit a towel & sleeping bag in my suitcase with all my clothes – any ideas?!?.... do we need a pillow too!!

  • 29 Nov 2009 Sully said


    Yeah O’fest is gonna be awesome, think i’m looking forward to that the most.

    I’m not a great cook either, bacon n eggs on toast is pretty much my limit lol.

  • 19 Jan 2010 jess_mack said


    hey loz, great to see more of us!
    where are yous from? more aussies?

  • 20 Jan 2010 Explorer1149104 said


    hey again,

    We’re 100% Aussies from Perth. Many plans for Aust. Day nxt week?


  • 20 Jan 2010 Explorer1149104 said


    OOOHHH, whats your name “angel84”? Do you do facebook?

    We live in Yangebup, but have lived in Spearwood all our lives. Where bouts are you?

    We’re going to a mates place in South Perth for a pool party then will probably step out the front to watch the show.

  • 20 Jan 2010 TashD said


    Im Natasha, from the hills…near Kelmscott!!
    Yangebup is out near Sucsess way isnt it??
    Ohh sounds like your mates have the best place to be on Australia Day!!

  • 20 Jan 2010 Explorer1149104 said


    Kelmscott.. I’m not overly familiar with the area but I have an idea. Yes Yangebup is next to Success.

    Our mates only moved there this week, so I’m not sure they picked the place for the right reasons… only location haha

    I am just checking out this great site called pacsafe… Slash & snatch proof luggage and other bits and pieces. Have a look at the portable safe.…3&product_status=New

  • 20 Jan 2010 TashD said


    wow that pacsafe website is good – im still deciding what im going to take and which ones would be more comfortable underneath your clothes!!

  • 25 Jan 2010 Balina said


    Hey guys I’m 26 from Adelaide…. going on this tour by myself…. looking forward to meeting you all!! Arrive in London on the 17th staying at Royle Nations too!!

  • 15 Feb 2010 Chelsea said


    Kia Ora Loz and Balina, glad you’re joining us!

    I have to confess that I’m starting to freak out over how close August is…eek!

    Crazy story, I got my clutch purse snatched off me walking home on Saturday night (NEVER heard of it happening before in Wellington, NZ!). I am feeling VERY safety conscious now so might have to get one of those pacsafe bags for the trip.

    Wondering how many pairs of shoes I can get in my bag, not sure I can bare to leave them! Ha!

  • 16 Feb 2010 Sare said


    Hey party people!

    Better add another 4 girls to the crew cause we are pumped.Can’t wait to meet everyone!


  • 18 Feb 2010 Chelsea said


    Hey Sara, great to hear you girls are joining us! More Aussies?


  • 23 Feb 2010 Sare said


    Hey Chels,

    yeah we’re all from Brissie…..I’m 27 and the other girls are 25, 25 and 23!
    Can’t wait!

  • 23 Feb 2010 Chelsea said


    Oh I was sooo pissed about my purse Balina, but very lucky that one of the guys managed to chase the guy down and got it back. NZ tends to be extremely relaxed (not much different from Aus I guess), don’t expect that kind stuff. Definately getting a money belt for the trip.

    Good stuff Sare, look forward to meeting you all!

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