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Mykonos and Island Cruising tour

19 Jan 2011 Explorer1228532 said

Has anyone taken this tour recently? I am interested in taking this tour in Sept 2011... would appreciate any advice/suggestions/reviews.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Rebecca
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  • 18 Feb 2011 Explorer1201960 said


    Hey Rebecca,
    I took this tour September 19th, 2010 and I had a great time. The only issue I really had was that the cruise ship was so face paced and I felt like I could have used some more time in Santorini. The food was awful on the ship (I am not picky) and it was very small, hence not much to do but sit by the pool. But if you don’t mind all that, then you will have a lot of fun on this trip. It was very well organized.
    Another issue was it says there is a guided optional tour of the Acropolis…This is something you really have to do on your own before you meet up with the tour or after you get back to Athens. I was a little upset that I didn’t get to go because I thought it was included!
    Our tour guide was amazing. He told us what to do and what not to do for the excursions AND where to go to hang out/walk around in general, and was always the first one to get up and start dancing on bars/tables. I don’t mean to make him look like a crazy party-er, but he was just high on life haha.
    In Athens we stayed at the Plaka hotel. accomodations were fine. The roof top bar has an amazing view of the acropolis. We hung out up there the first night…nothing crazy. I would suggest going to the plaka dinner so you can meet your group. The food was great, and I think there was some wine included. By the way if you are wondering how many people were on our tour, 14 girls and 2 boys, 3 boys including the tour guide. Most of them were Australian, some New Yorkers (including myself) 1 from Wisconsin, 1 from Tennessee (I think) 1 South American and 1 from England. I wish there were more boys, but we did cross path with a few other tous at the hotel in Mykonos and there was also another one on the ship with us. Our group liked to have fun at night, but didn’t get wasted during the day and we acted like normal travelers during teh day. Everybody was very into experiencing the culture and history of Greece and Turkey.
    Mykonos was a lot of fun, except it was extremely windy. It was probably in the 70s (F), but because of the wind it felt a lot colder.We stayed at Aphrodite Beach hotel. It was actually a pretty nice hotel in that it is right on the beach and has a pool. On the down side it was like 15 minutes from town, and there are not that many buses running there during the day. I would however try to catch them and go into town for lunch/shopping. There is a really good restaurant at the hotel, but you may get sick of eating there 3 days straight. You HAVE to go to the Tropicana beach bar/paradise beach excursion, well worth it. Everyone dances on tables the whole evening, and soooo many funny things happened we were laughing the whole day. I think we were there from around 4-9pm. Some people went swimming but it really was kind of too “cold”. We still had fun!
    You must do the Mykonos Dinner/pub crawl. The food was ok but we went to 3 bars, and everyone got progressively more drunk by the time we got to scandinavian bar. The town of Mykonos is awesome, cute little windy streets with barely any street signs. So much shopping!! It is easy to get lost, but your guide walks you from bar to bar.
    The last night we had a toga party (if it were up to me I would go out to Mykonos’s infamous night clubs but most of them are closed due to the fact that the “season” is already over). Anyway the tour managers show you how to put on a toga, and then there are 2 for one drinks and everybody get very very wasted.
    The next day we boarded the Louis Hellenic Aquamarine and it was off to Kusadasi! You must do the excusion to Ephesus. The site is unbelievable, the ancient ruins are some of the best I have ever seen. Rome is nothing compared to this (well colleseum excluded). The Patmos scenic tour was nice, so I would do that rather than nothing.
    On the boat, there is a tiny casino and a “moonlight disco.” most people in our group didnt go to the disco every night and party because they were tired and a little sea sick, but we made it fun. They play pretty good music so we danced a lot. I bought the optional drink package for about 80 euro…NOT worth it. I felt as though I had to down drinks to get my moneys worth. The drinks are very weak, but I stuck with wine/beer so that wasn’t an issue. I think each drink is like 5 or 6 euro so unless you are going to be drinking throughout the day on the boat, it is totally not worth it. I am sad to say I was too tired to wake up and go to crete, so I cannot tell you anything about it, but not many people from the group chose to go to the palace of knossos, so apparently crete was not so great anyway.
    Then came SANTORINI!!! The most beautiful place in the world. I wish we spent more time there…I think we only got 1 hour in the town of Oia…sad sad sad. That being said, my trip was wonderful but I would suggest doing the Island hopping tour where you get to spend 3 days in Mykonos, Santorini and Ios. Unless you are dying to go to Ephesus….
    Let me know if you have any more questions…

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