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24 Jan 2011 Beks said


A little different here, yes? Tell us what you think of your new forum.

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  • 4 Mar 2011 iamloz said


    I used to LOVE these forums … but i am so over them now… can we PLEASE PLEASE have an option to use the OLD forum …. i cannot find anything … and when i post it doesnt show our signatures anymore????

  • 9 Mar 2011 Kate said


    much better format than old forums. easy to get around.

  • 10 Mar 2011 Beks said


    Hi guys,

    A few answers to your queries…

    Turning email notifs on/off is coming, as is following particular discussions. Sorry it’s taken so long but almost there on those – these particular fixes weren’t quick but they have been working hard to get these resolved.

    Travelogues can be found if you click into each region eg Europe – look to the right and you’ll see a handful of top tags – one of those is ‘blogs’, which is where you’ll find them.

    Can’t find one of your discussions? If you click on your profile (there’s a quick link at the top of the page) you’ll see your most recent discussions. Our team are almost finished working on additional tweaks which will let you select the category when you start a thread from the main page. If you start one from another area, just nagivate to that category and you should see your discussion near the top (underneath the stickied threads).

    Spam is being worked on to create tighter filters – also working on deleting these from your inbox but that ones a little down the track.

    Threads you’ve read currently change colour to purple. They should change to blue if new posts appear.

    Hope that helps.


  • 11 Mar 2011 Lindsey said


    Beks – the threads I’ve read are purple yes, but they don’t change to blue when a new comment is made on them. The only blue posts are the ones that are completely new threads.

  • 11 Mar 2011 Beks said


    Hmm – ok, let me raise that with our developers. Thanks for highlighting! ~B

  • 18 Mar 2011 Moey88 said


    How do I unsubscribe from certain threads?

  • 27 Mar 2011 EatPrayLove said


    Moey88 from what I can tell we don’t have the option!

  • 4 Apr 2011 Ando said


    I’d like to somehow link myself to a particular tour to help with finding others doing the same one. It would make things a lot easier to find your tourmates rather than fish through the forums looking for multiple threads about the same tour. If travellers could select a tour and a date and that brings up a thread for that tour, it would be awesome!

  • 8 Apr 2011 Elena said


    @ Beks: Would it be possible to somehow put a time limit on our searches? Just some kind of filter to take out entries in 2008, 2009, 2010 if we’re searching for brand new threads? :) Thanks for paying attention to us though. :) And I second what Ando said!

  • 8 Apr 2011 Beks said


    Hey Ando, did you know if you go to the Meeting Places section and choose the region, you can then choose the tour name at the top of that section? At the moment it’s reliant on there being a thread for your tour date, so if there isn’t one, you can just create one. You’ll be able to follow/unfollow particular threads soon too, so even if you haven’t commented you can still read what’s going on.

    @Elena – if you search in the same way, ie via the Meeting Places you’ll find your tour date easier as the results are based on recency as well as relevancy :)

    Hope that helps :)

  • 9 Apr 2011 Earl Squirrelson said

    Earl Squirrelson

    Hi Beks,

    Just letting you know I am still getting spam. Any luck on us being able to delete them yet?


  • 11 Apr 2011 Beks said


    Hi Earl,
    Huge apologies… it’s coming but we’re just waiting on a programming update. Unfortunately it’s a bit like a Rubik’s Cube and that final block of colour you need to move to line everything up… as soon as that’s in place, a few of the other updates will also slot into place like turning email notifs on and off, and following specific threads.
    You’ll be pleased to know though, we’re looking into removing messages automatically if we spot a spammer.
    ~Beks :)

  • 11 Apr 2011 Earl Squirrelson said

    Earl Squirrelson

    Thanks heaps Beks, It seems most of us are over the initial shock of change, so all good :)

    speaking of spam, check out hehe

  • 15 Apr 2011 cdm115 said


    Can we get a link to all the different pages on the top of the page as well as the bottom of the page.

  • 6 May 2011 EatPrayLove said


    Is there a problem with the site atm? All discussions are coming up as dot points??

  • 13 May 2011 damien said


    Where you have the my trips up the top of the page then meet my trip mates in your page. it would be great if you already had forums set up for each date and this link automaticaly conected you to it . this would save us building our own and make the forums alot neater instead of haveing pages to go through just to find out if someone has built one for your trip as there not in any order.

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