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24 Jan 2011 Beks said


Welcome to our Community Discussions! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home, and get to know travellers from around the world.

We don’t like rules but so we can keep our friendly little home a place where everyone feels comfortable, we’ve got a couple of guidelines to bear in mind:

• Before posting a message, please have a look around first to see if a conversation already exists
• Be nice. No name calling or personal attacks.
• Respect others’ opinions, even if they differ to yours.
Also make sure not to post content that is:
• Defamatory, obscene, abusive, threatening, copyrighted, or an invasion of privacy
• Illegal in any way or advocates illegal activities
• Advertisements for other websites or solicitations
• Posted by a user impersonating another user
• Containing any personal information of any Contiki employees, such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses.

Our number one guideline though is to have fun!!

Please remember to follow the guidelines above, or your messages will be deleted and your account may be removed. Thanks.

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