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Daily Budget for 'Easy Rider'?

25 Jan 2011 Sethmoz asked


Hey i am doing the 32day camping trip 'The easy rider' in april and i was just wondering, on average, how much one should budget for each day? I know i differs for each person but i will defiantly not be shopping and buying heaps of was just wondering what the minimum would be per day? Thanks.

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  • 26 Jan 2011 Ren said


    Hello! I am doing this tour on the 10th May! Which day are you going?

    I am budgeting 100 euro/100 pounds a day for the trip!!

  • 27 Jan 2011 cdm115 said


    Do you plan to drink a lot? If you’re not drinking a lot and shopping much you can budget less then 100 euro per day.

  • 27 Jan 2011 Sethmoz said


    Hey Renee-im doing the tour on the 19th april but enjoy your tour!

    Hey Christine-yea i do plan to drink but not too excessively. Most of my spending will be spent on- going out at night and buying lunch/snakes/coffee during the day but i have heard that this isn’t too expensive. I will defiantly need to budget for well under 100 euro a day which i reckon is quite a lot in general! Thanks for the reply.

  • 19 Feb 2011 Sethmoz said


    Yea i agree with you samj88! 100Euro seems nuts but then some people do spend a huge amount on shopping…something i defiantly am not planning to do. I reckon i am going to budget about 25-30euro a day because as you said accomm, breakfast, most dinners and attractions are covered so the only things one needs to spend on is lunch, coffee, snacks, alcohol, clubbing etc etc…which from what i have heard is not super expensive as the euro goes pretty far.

  • 19 Feb 2011 cdm115 said


    50 Euros a day for some people is fine, but I think 25-30 euros a day is stretching it. Keep in mind, optionals, anything that you’re on the fence about or definitely want to do should be part of your budget. I’ve also been know to do some that I really thought I wasn’t going to do.

    Also, museum admission is not included, attractions like the Eiffel Tower are not included, and some of these are quite pricey. As for the Euro going far, I’m not so sure about that. I can remember paying 5-10 euro for a lunch at a rest stop a couple years ago, never mind having to by bottled water (tap is safe in some places, but not all places) and the 5 euro can of soda. For your included dinners, typically water is only included – so if you want a soda or a drink that will be extra. Also if you eat dinners out except to pay at least 15 euros and there are times when that’s you only real option. There are also times when you’ll need to pay for transportation on your own – free day in Paris, late night out and need a taxi back. And even if you’re not a big drinker expect to drink more on tour then you do at home, it works that way for most people since the nights are social like that. I’m not saying your going to get drunk every night, but don’t be surprised if you’re having a beer every night at the hotel/campsite bar.

    If you’re away for a week or two it’s not too bad to be frugal, but after that it will start to wear on you, when your friends are having a nice dinner or a big night drinking or going up to see the eiffel tower and you just can’t afford it because you budgeted too low.

    I always try to over budget for 3 reasons – 1 is that I would simply rather come home with more money then be broke 3/4 of the way through the trip. 2 is that if something comes up that I want to do or buy I want to be able to do it without trying to figure out what I can cut out of my trip to afford it. 3rd and very important, you really do need to have a buffer with money for the unexpected – it snows and flights are cancelled for 3 days, there’s a volcano and flights are cancelled for a week – these things happen all too often and if you end your tour with no money and are stuck for a week how are you going to eat and sleep? Yea, a hundred euros extra isn’t going to get you far, but it will get you through a day or two while you figure out where the money is going to come from.

  • 21 Feb 2011 Explorer1233927 said


    Im doing the easy rider on the 19th of april as well… Im actually quite nervous as im doing it alone and have no idea what to expect im budgeting bout 40 pounds a day! i hope that enough!!!

  • 27 Feb 2011 Sethmoz said


    Hey Explorer1233927,

    Its all good to be nervous…i am traveling alone as well. I believe it should be. I am budgeting about 30pounds (35euro) a day not including the money i will spend on the optional extras…so fingers crossed it will be fine. it just means some days you may not be able to party as hard etc etc…see you on the tour.

  • 3 Mar 2011 Silbs said


    Heeey, Im totally pumped for this Contiki Seth! :D

    I havnt really looked at a daily budget but at this point I am going to take 1000Euro… and make it last as far as I can O_o

    Good luck to us all I say…. hahaha

    Cant wait!


  • 25 Apr 2011 Jody said


    I’m doing this tour on June 26th and I’m nervous to carry a lot of money on me because of the all pick pocket stories I hear about Europe. But I also don’t want to be charged a ton of banking fees by using my ATM card all the time. How do you guys plan to deal with this?

    Also will I be fine bringing only Euros or will I need to bring other currencies for this trip as well?

  • 7 Jan 2013 Madeleine said


    Hi, Im doing this tour in July this year and I was just wondering how everybody went with their spending money? Also how was the camping?
    Thanks so much!
    Hope you all had a great time,

  • 7 Jan 2013 Sethmoz said


    Cool cool! Would definitely recommend it! In terms of camping…camping is camping haha…put up the tent, pull down the tent, when it rains things get wet etc etc…I really like camping so it was awesome! And it also means people have to socialise and not sit in their hotel rooms which is also really cool. You generally meet and hang out with most of the other camping tours so you meet a lot of people. Definitely take a warm sleeping bag though…It can get incredibly cold. Also take ALOT of cold and flu medicine..almost 100% guarantee you will get sick at some stage, so be prepared for it! Other than that…just basic knowledge when it comes to camping…

    Money wise: I had about $3000AUD spending money and I did not spend nearly that much. I did 80% of the optional extras and partied a fair bit etc…but then again I am a guy so I did minimal shopping…Budget well and just keep track of what you spend/save.

    Hope this helps

    Feel free to ask any more questions if you have them…Happy to give my advice.


  • 8 Jan 2013 Madeleine said


    Thank you so much Seth :)

  • 5 Oct 2013 BrookemarleySA said


    I have booked this tour for the 13th of may 2014! can not wait, this has been very interesting to read through so thanks, Im planing to bring $5000AUD spending money, but this includes spending for a week in london before my tour and 3 days in Dubai on the way over and anothr three days dubai on the way home again.
    Im not a huge drinker but im sure I will have afew big nights, and the only souveniers i collect are magnets lol so I cant see that being too expensive.( I know lame ha ha but I always get one everywhere I go, its my thig) Im thinking my main expense will be food and sightseeing

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