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Scenic Southern - 19 November

27 Jan 2011 Becci said


Hey, I've just booked my first ever Contiki tour doing the Scenic Southern tour on 19th November. I'm flying solo & just wondering who else is going (obviously someone must be!) as hoping to chat before we leave.
Hope to chat soon!
PS: Seriously excited already! lol.

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  • 9 Aug 2011 Timmy said



    Im sure you will have a ball! I did the sun and Steam earlier this year by myself and it was the best week of my life!!!

    Im sure you will have a ball as I said, Im going on the Scenic Southern on the 11th of November, I will be staying a few extra days after the tour to have a look around.

    Enjoy yourself on your trip! Be prepared though, alot of drinking transpires on these trips!


  • 9 Aug 2011 Becci said


    Hey Tim. I’m hoping it’ll be good, I’m a little shy and hoping it’ll bring me outta my shell! The tour looks like it’s got some amazing extras to do. Ps: hope you have a great trip too!

  • 9 Aug 2011 Timmy said


    Oh you will, dont be shy though, Im sort of an introvert extrovert person if that makes any sense, but I had a blast. The shy kids on my tour didnt stay shy too long cause I got everyone talking when I started walking around in my Jocks on one of the extra’s…..Long story but you will be fine. Esp,. if you have a few to drink, there is a really good vibe about these tour’s, everyone is there to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

    Where are you from?

  • 9 Aug 2011 Becci said


    Yeah I’m usually a little louder after I’ve had a few too lol. Sounds like u had an interesting tour!! I’m from the uk but like most pommes I’ve got Aussie family I’m coming over to visit. Where abouts are u from?

  • 10 Aug 2011 Timmy said


    Im Australian Becci, Lived here all my life but like most Aussies, I have pommie family which I need to get over and visit =p

    The tour was awesome, and yes very interesting. I was the loudest of the group which isnt like me but still had a blast. I will be staying a few extra nights in Christchurch when my tour finishes, might come and meet up with a few people from your tour for a few drinks before you head off

  • 10 Aug 2011 Becci said


    Sounds like a plan. I’m spending a few days in Melbourne before my tour so i get in the day before we leave, I’m guessing like most peeps? Did I see ur doing the same tour but the week before btw? If so u can fill us in on all he best stuff. ( personally I’m heading towards doing the skydive which completely unlike me!) mind if I ask how old u are? ( I’m 23).

  • 10 Aug 2011 Timmy said


    Yeah thats what I was thinking, I can fill you guys in, if there is anyone else who wants to join for a few drinks. I think as you said, most people take the day before to have a look around, thats what I did and met a few others from my tour like that.

    Melbourne will be good to have a look around, have u ever been here before?

    A few mates from my last contiki did the sky dive, which wasnt like them either, but they had a hell of a time. One is from London actually.

    As for me I’m 23 also, but yes my tour leaves on the 11th of November, Are you on facebook? Might move this convo there if you like. Im on there as Tim Cox or will also find me.

  • 17 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Hi Becci,
    My name is Kim and I am doing the Grand Adventurer starting in Christchurch on the 19th of November. According to the contikipedia articles the longer trips are made up of both your own tour and the shorter tours together…. so I think there may be a chance we will be on the same tour… at least for the southern part of my tour!! :) Noticed you were flying to NZ from Melbourne the day before the tour… I am too!! :) What time are you flying out of Melbourne? :)

  • 18 Sep 2011 Becci said


    Hey Kim! Finally someone else. lol was worried it was gunna be just me and the tour guide for a while there!My flight out of Melbourne is about 9am i think which gets in to CHC at 1500?? Are you excited? – I can’t wait now! Are you originally from Melbourne or just visiting before the tour like me? Have you ever done a Contiki before? x

  • 19 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Haha yeah I know what you mean… was worried I’d be the only one on the tour too!! I am leaving Melbourne at about 10ish and arriving at 3.15 in Christchurch.. so might be the same flight. This is not only my first time on a contiki but my first time overseas so I am super excited!! Two more months!! :)
    I am an Aussie… born and raised in Melbourne!! Have you been to Melbourne before? Or anywhere else in Australia?

  • 19 Sep 2011 Becci said


    hey yeah i’ve been before like most comes i have family in Aus. i’ve been to Brisbane and Sydney before but not Melbourne and i’m really looking forward to it as everyone says its a brilliant city. any tips for me as i’m coming on my own? places to go or not to? lol. and yeah sounds like were on the same flight. virgin blue!? x

  • 25 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Hi Becci, yes it looks like we are on the same flight which is pretty cool!! :) I love Melbourne.. although I may be a bit bias… none the less it was voted the world’s most livable city!! :D Haha us Melbournians are pretty proud of that!!
    Hmmm places to go.. well here’s a few you could chek out:
    - Federation Square (opposite Flinder Street Station – our iconic city station)
    - Melbourne Museum (we have Tutankhaman on exhibition at the moment which is kind of cool)
    - Melbourne Zoo (although i’m not sure if there are many Australian animals there)
    - Eureka Tower (great views of Melbourne from the top)
    - Southbank (great restaurants/bars and our Crown Casino)
    - Docklands (also good reataurants and bars)
    - For shopping (Bourke Street Mall (city), Chadstone (shopping centre), St Kilda and Chapel Street)
    - St Kilda is also a cool place for cafes near the beach
    - Queen Victoria Market
    - Spring Carnival is on (horse racing, fashion etc)
    - I would recommend catching an AFL (Australian Football League) game but unfortunately the season is finished… AFL is big in Melbourne… very big! :)
    - If your into Neighbours which a lot of UK people are (more so then us Aussies) they have a tour to where it is filmed and the actual street which is actually round the corner from my house haha

    Other than that i’m not too sure, but here is a site that might help:

    What day do you arrive in Melbourne?? Oh and have you chosen any optionals for the trip yet? Haha i can’t decide… there are soooo many!! :)

  • 25 Sep 2011 Becci said


    hey, thanks for the heads up – I get into Melbourne on the Tuesday morning so I have 3 days to see as much as possible, not long but unfortunately it was as much time as I could squeeze in this trip with visiting family aswell. I’ve seen a walking tour that takes in Federation, Queen Victoria and Bourke Street. I think I’m staying on Flinders Lane, which I’ve been told is pretty central?
    Yes I like many Pomms am a HUGE fan of Neighbours and have already checked out the tour (which I am definately doing!). Will be good to know at least one person in New Zealand – I’m still trying to decide what to do however I definately want to do do the Glacier Heli-Hike and the Skydive (if I have the balls that is!?)
    Any ideas of your top extras?
    Btw how old are you? I’m 23.

  • 29 Sep 2011 Becci said


    ps: u found anyone else on our tour yet?? the lady said when i rang to pay my balance that there was over 35 of us.

  • 30 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Hi Becci,
    Haha yeah thought you might like the Neighbours tour!! :) Um optionals,.. not sure yet!! Depends on how much time we have and if they overlap… especially in Queenstown! But maybe skydiving or the canyon swing! The heli-hike my brother in law did.. he said it was his favourtie optional.
    I have met another guy from Perth, Australia – who is coming along with two other friends. The conversation is under ‘Grand Adventurer November 19 (CHR-AUCK) which i started so feel free to join!!
    I booked through a travel agent and they said they can’t access tour number information so its good to hear there are over 35 of us! :) Oh and I’m 21 years old.

  • 30 Sep 2011 Becci said


    Sorry I’m a pommie cliché! … I really wanted to do the Neighbours night but it’s on the Monday night and I don’t get in to Melbourne till Tuesday so I guess the day tour will have to do. lol
    ahh cool cool i will definately have a squiz at that discussion too!
    Yeah the Heli hike looks good (i’m not energetic enough for the full hike!) I know that the sky dive is a must but anything else I will probably take as it comes. Big numbers are good I guess – more people to mingle with!

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