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A very humble apology & opportunity to help

27 Jan 2011 Beks said


Hi all,

Firstly thank you all for the feedback you’ve been giving us so far on the new forums. We’ve been reading every single comment and taking it on board.

Secondly, we’d like to sincerely apologise to you all the current forums are not what you (or indeed we) expected them to be. The site was tested quite rigorously pre-launch, but due to the large number of discussions we carried across (tens of thousands) a gremlin got in the back door and wreaked havoc on the structure when we hit ‘go’. We also know we could have done a few things better.

Our team have been working around the clock to try and resolve the broken bits but it’s taking a bit longer than we’d hoped so we can only ask for your patience while we sort it. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know these are the things we’re currently trying to fix (some will be a quick fix, others will take longer):
* The jumble of tags – you *should* be seeing order here and only what you expect to see eg Meeting places -> Europe -> Tour names
* Top categories should be found at a glance eg tour reviews, general advice
* Quick links to jump to commonly used sections eg new posts, comments you’ve made, messages etc.
* Date stamping of individual posts
* Search – automatically sorting these by date (and relevant topics)
* Ability to ‘follow’ threads
* Plus a few other minor bugs

We’re also reverting back to using ‘forum’ as we realise this was confusing to drop it completely.

Now… here’s where we’d like your help.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to test future iterations BEFORE they go live to everyone so we can make sure they’re what you expect. If you would like to do that, please send me a private message with your name and email address - if you hover over my photo you’ll see a ‘send me a message’ link. We’ll then send a few of you a link to try out.

Our forums are an integral part of our wider plan for creating a real Community here – the experience coming will let you get to know your fellow travellers better and make it easy to touch base with who you’re on tour with, so I promise this is just a minor glitch in the road.

Thanks again for your patience.

Contiki Team

UPDATE (5 Feb 2011):
Hi all, thanks for bearing with us. We've finally got a few fixes working now so to keep you posted, you should now see the following:
* Under 'recent activity' you can now click the link to 'view all discussions', sorted by most recent, but with the option to sort by other criteria.
* Advice, blogs, reviews, photos, meeting places have been added as permanent tags on the right hand side once you click to the region (eg Europe) so you can jump straight to those discussions.
* Time/date stamp is now visible on posts in the discussions lists
* Empty tags - you should be seeing content in all tags now
* Related discussions/trips/articles - you should see these on the right-hand side in relevant sections now

Still coming:
* We're still fixing the visible tags when you're in each section so it only displays relevant topics (we know this is the biggest issue for getting around the site so we want to get it right)
* Being able to see all discussions you've started or responded to
* Following a discussion
* Turning email notification on/off
* Search sorting tweaks

UPDATE (9 Feb 2011)
* The Meeting Places is now showing the tours (and only the tours) - we're still tweaking but you should now be able to find your particular tour easier. It'll work just like the old forum - click the region from the meeting places section, then your tour name from the tag at the top and you'll see all discussions for that tour.

Thanks again for being so patient. We're getting there!


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  • 1 Feb 2011 Zac said


    Hi Beks, good to see that the comments have been heard.

    Just wondering, you mentioned date stamping of individual posts, does this means the thread with the last reply will be at the top? At the moment it seems to be the last thread created which means a lot of popular posts with good information are pages and pages deep now.

  • 1 Feb 2011 Beks said


    Hi Zac – thanks! That’s one of the things we’re looking at :)

  • 2 Feb 2011 Kirralee said


    I’m really struggeling to navigate my way around this new site. I can’t seem to find the things I want to find. Will it stay this way or will it go back to the way the old sight was?

  • 6 Feb 2011 Jelly_Bean said


    I’m finding it too hard to find relevant posts. The way everything was organised before made it easy to find what you were looking for. Now I have to sort through irrelevant tagged posts. I agree the old system was a little dated but you’ve replaced something that worked with something that isn’t fit for purpose. I think you need to return to the old menus.

  • 6 Mar 2011 cdm115 said


    I’m noticing quite a few meeting posts showing up in the travel advice section.

  • 16 Mar 2011 Curtis71 said


    How can I unsubscribe from all the e-mails that alert me when someone responds to a thread? I’m starting to get a lot of them from threads I that commented in years ago.

  • 19 Mar 2011 sunsetfiesta said


    how do we delete our own questions/comments? I somehow posted the same question three times I was wondering how to delete atleast two of them…

  • 19 Mar 2011 cdm115 said


    ChilledInsanity, I don’t believe you can, but as moderator if I see multiple of the same posts I will try and delete the extras and just leave one there. Don’t worry, you’re not the first or the last to do that.

  • 8 Apr 2011 Elena said


    It’s awesome that you guys pay attention to the people here! :) I do wonder if the search would be edited… For example, possibly putting in an option that limits when the threads were posted? Since when I searched for Italian espresso people who were going this summer, many 2008 and 2009 threads popped up. >.<

  • 8 Apr 2011 Beks said


    Hey Elena,
    We listen because it’s your community :)
    Search is still being reviewed – if you go in via the Meeting Places section you may find it easier to find relevant conversations (you can choose ‘Europe’ and sort those, or then click further into the tour name).

    @chilledinsanity we’re still working on that one so you can’t do it just yet, but you will be able to :)

  • 21 Apr 2011 Enrique said


    One thing I can’t do on this site is to “Save” Contikipedia articles. Every time I try get a system error. Is it just me?

  • 30 May 2011 Jayn1980London said


    Hi, I tried posting (twice) that I am seeking a travel buddy from London to go on a South America tour – I mean it doesnt have to be an ‘exclusive’ buddy – someone to fly out there with would be nice..

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