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28 Jan 2011 Sarah Smith asked

Sarah Smith


My partner and I are doing the spanish spree on 6 june and the european explorer on 26 june. I have a few questions if anyone has had some experience or advice.

1. backpack as well as a shoulder bag during the day:
I am a little confused with the luggage situation. Can I confirm that you can bring one luggage bag, a carry on and a day bag? Does that mean I leave the luggage bag in the hotels, the carry on can be stored on the bus or used throughout the day and my day bag (such as a shoulder bag or backpack) can be used when sight seeing?

2. Spending Money:
I've seen lots of mixed reviews on this, but generally how much did you spend daily? should I allow for 100 euro's a day? I am not looking to buy heaps of souvenirs, it's more for food, entry fees, etc.

3. Shoes:
Ladies, what shoes are you taking?

4. Small digital camera or a SLR Camera:
Any recommendations on a camera? Is an SLR just too large to take?

5. Do we need to take a beach towel?

6. What to do on the bus?
Any ideas, tips for how to kill time on the bus?

And lastly is anyone going on either of these trips?

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  • 3 Feb 2011 Explorer~1987 said


    A Shoulder bag is probably the safest option. I was told by my travel agent not to use any tourist bags with logos such as contiki or top deck as people will know your a tourist and try to get money from you.

    Spending Money – Depends on the extras you choose to do as well as shopping. Drinking costs alot. I would definately try to allow 100 euro a day. If you can’t afford that you will just have to keep watch of how much a day you spend so u don’t run out.

    Shoes – I’m taking a pair of slip ons, Walking shoes and also a pair of heels for going out,

    Camera – I use an SLR Camera but there are some really good Digital cameras around now.

    You do need a beach towel if you decide to go swimming.. Try find a light weight fast dry towel.

  • 4 Feb 2011 Kayleigh L Degraw said

    Kayleigh L Degraw

    Hey. I brought a shoulder bag with me and didn’t have a problem. As for the day bag, . Sometimes your tour manager will ask you to pack certain Items for certain locations in your daybag such as a change of clothes if you are having a night out after your day excursions ect. I normally kept a change of clothes in my day bag (warmer/cooler depending on the weather) and entertainment for the bus and yes, you keep your day bag on the bus. If you are staying at a location for more than one night, you normally leave your luggage in the room so don’t leave your passport, money or camera in you luggage…Please!

    It is hard to say how much spending money is enough. It is not necessairly the souvenirs that cost the most it is the things like food, drinks and entry fees, you don’t really notice how much you spend on things like that as much as you do on things like souvenirs. there may also be days where you barely spend mony at all. I think 100 Euros is enough to enjoy yourself comfortably and if you don’t spend it all…bonus! I took two pairs of dress shoes, 1 flat and 1 with a heel, walking shoes and flip flops for the bus.

    I brought a smaller digital camera that fit in my shoulder bag, it was a Canon and the pictures turned out really well. I don’t think that I would be able to handle lugging a SLR around with me all day, but that just me….but I also never use a SLR so I may be a bit biased.

    Like Hammo22 said, bring a towel that dries fast so that you don’t have to pack a wet towel into your suitcase (ick!) I can’t remember if the two tours you are on are superior tours but if they are most of the hotels you stay at will have towels there too.

    I personally slept on the bus. The days are long, the nights longer and most people normally wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep hungover or still drunk!, but if you are not a big drinker and you go to bed early every night, maybe bring a couple of books or a laptop if you own one. On one of my tours I sat up front for a couple of days ( a good cure for motion sickness) and talked to my tour manager, he had all kinda scandalously funny stories to tell of past tours!

    Anyways I hope you have as much fun as I did! ^^

  • 10 Feb 2011 Bonnie said


    Hi, you can take one suitcase that they only weigh on the first day, they dont care how heavy it is after that!
    You can also take one bag for the bus and a hand bag/shoulder bag. thats what i did.
    By the end of the trip one of my friends had even bought a SECOND suitcase and hte tour manager didnt mind (make sure you ask first though!). By the last day all of us had HUGE carry on bags on the bus that were full of everything we had all bought or couldnt fit in any where else! they are also handy for places where you stay one night and leave your suitcase under the bus. anything that is an over night size is good.
    for security reasons take an over the shoulder bag, preferably one that zips up! back packs are not a good idea for walking around in the day sight seeing.

    An ipod is a LIFE SAVER on a contiki bus! and dont forget a travel pillow! other than that a book would be fine, i spent most of the time either chatting or sleeping!

    WIth spending money i budgeted on $100 a day but i eneded up spending $1000 a week! but i did a lot of shopping and drinking!

    Shoes – i took a pair of flip flops/thongs, some cute sandals, canvas sneakers and heels. but i gave up on the heels after the first week, all of us just wore pretty sandals out it was so much easier (coble stone streets are a bitch in heels!) and it meant we could stay out longer!
    and on that note i would recomend an SLR for during the day and take a mine digital camera (preferably old and crappy) out at night for all those drunk party shots you dont want to miss! thats what i did :D

    hope you have an amazing time!!

  • 16 Apr 2011 TimNEmContikiJune26 said


    Hi there, I am not full of advice like these guys but just wanted to say Hi as my partner and I are also on the same trip as you! I found a couple of other guys on here as well, who are keen to meet the night before the tour at the Royal National for beers if you’re both keen! We’re super excited, can’t wait to meet u! :)

  • 16 Apr 2011 Sarah Smith said

    Sarah Smith

    Hi, Nice to meet you. it’s good to finally meet someone that is on the same tour, and also a couple. :-)
    Not too long now. We are counting down the weeks.
    We are actually meeting the tour in paris on the first day. However we will be in London on the 20-24 June, if you are there than, maybe we could meet up. (we are doing the 4 night/5 day london explorer package).
    Where are you guys from?
    Cant wait to meet you guys too!!!

  • 17 Apr 2011 BigCountry Williams said

    BigCountry Williams

    I’m not on this tour I’m doing the European Highlights Aug 10. which is a budget tour, so some nights we;’re in contiki village, a few hotels and a few in hostels. Do we really need to bring a towel. Also, while on the bus will you get WIFI while travailing. Would you recommend bring a laptop(mine is 17inches) or a HP MINI.

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