Bum bags for europe

3 Feb 2011 Brooke2010 asked


Hi I'm goin to Europe in may n was just wandering do u need to take a bum bag? Like what if I want to wear a day dress how wud I wear one? Can I just get a safe handbag??

  • 3 Feb 2011 Kayleigh L Degraw said

    Kayleigh L Degraw

    I brought a handbag with me and I never had a problem. I brought a ‘bum bag’ for my first tour and found it really irritating, so I ended up buying a bag in Paris that was medium size with a zipper AND a buckle and it had an adjustable strap so I could tighten it and tuck it under my arm for when I was in a crowded place or loosen it for when I was on the bus so I could sling it over my shoulder when we got out to get food at the rest stops. I think you would be ok with a hand bag as long as you are mindful of those around you.

    Maybe you could also get a money belf and keep most of your money and passport in that and a bit in your hand bag.
    Have fun!

  • 5 Feb 2011 Kaz said


    I have a money belt to protect And I have a over the should satchel type back with anti theft features such as wire in the strap to avoid cutting. Wire in the base so people cant slice the bottom and your stuff fall out. And you can put a small lock on it if need be in crowded places. It has other stuff I dont remember.



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