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Cell Phone Providers

8 Feb 2011 p@rick asked


Hey Everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good cell phone provider out in Europe? I just unlocked my phone (BlackBerry) and looking to buy a sim card online that will have text & data. I can care less about voice unless it’s an emergency .


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  • 10 Feb 2011 Bonnie said


    Ok i had the WORST luck with sim cards in Europe!
    I bought one in London and the girl reassured me it would work all over europe and i could re-charge any where. the problem was that to recharge online or over the phone you needed a UK sim card.
    THEN i bough one in spain which stoppedn working when i got to italy. Then the one i bought in Italy just didnt work full stop! i wish i had been more organised and ordered the Contiki sim card before i went. A friedn of mine used that one and it worked perfectly everwhere and had cheaper international texts. Also she set it up so that it would automatically re charge off her credit card when it was she was never out of credit!
    I strongly recomend you order the contiki one :)
    Hope you avoid the disasters that I had!

  • 11 Feb 2011 p@rick said


    Wow! That bad, huh? I was thinking of getting an Orange Mobile Sim Card but you bring up a good point. How would I know if one Sim Card from one country would work in all the countries? Despite the fact that it said so on their website. Would you happen to know the pros & cons of the eKit?

  • 19 Jun 2011 Sandy said


    patrick.. did you ever find the pros and cons of the eKit?

  • 20 Jun 2011 p@rick said


    No I didn’t Sandy. I ended up getting rid of my BlackBerry and found a Samsung Galaxy that I just unlocked. I think I’m just going to buy a SimCard out there and use that. It’ll be way easier to handle.

  • 21 Jun 2011 Explorer1147179 said


    Hey Patrick.

    My advice is buy a vodafone UK sim card (you’re going to England right?). Very easy to use and it will work throughout Europe. The rates are very cheap throughout Europe as well during summer.

  • 14 Sep 2011 ShazB said


    Hello did anyone end up using a blackberry in Europe? I was thinking of taking mine but getting an int sim for BIS so its more afordable.

  • 9 Oct 2011 Ash_firstimer said


    Hi Explorer1147179,

    Thanks for your advice to Patrick re the simcard. I also found it very helpful as I’m taking a contiki tour through Europe but also spending sometime in the UK and Ireland. I’m just having a look online now for a UK sim but am unsure on what I’m supposed to be looking at.

    If it’s not too much trouble would you be able to send me an internet link? This is what I’ve found so far, but can’t see any mentions of it working all around Europe, so I’m a bit unsure.

    Thank you!!!

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