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Alone in alice springs

14 Oct 2008 Pattie said

hello,<BR><BR>I am booked on the Alice & Uluru tour in November & am traveling solo. <BR>I will be checking in a day earlier at another hotel along Gap Road.<BR>What do you think I should do as i have the whole afternoon off till the next morning before I meet the Contiki group?<BR>I think it should be pretty safe for to walk around alone?<BR>Should I get back to the hotel by a certain time? Since it is summer, it shouldn't get dark till late right?<BR><BR>Now i have a question which may sound really stupid = |<BR>There is going to be a night at an "Outback Bush Camp" - would I stick out like an idiot if I use a suitcase? <BR>I don't have a traveler's backpack & am reluctant to invest in one since I think this is going to be the only time I am ever going to use it.<BR>How's the camp like - tents and outhouses? hehe.<BR><BR>Well, it's the first time I am traveling alone so any other tips will be much appreciated =)<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Patrina
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  • 15 Oct 2008 Pattie said


    Hello mambo,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post a reply! =) That was really helpful. I thought Contiki meets up the in the evening before the tour starts the following day too. However, the tour I am on (Alice & Uluru-Reverse, to be exact) starts at 2pm. Accommodation before that is not part of the package. hmmm ……what cool places would you suggest I go during the day?

    oh, i need to get a torch then. Thanks for reminding me & also saving me the hassle of getting a backpack. Glad to know I wouldn’t stand out if I use a suitcase. Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    =) Patrina
    (will look for you on fb!)

  • 22 Oct 2008 NaHdz said


    Hi Pattie,

    I wouldn’t walk around Alice by yourself at night, when I was there I was walking back from dinner with about a group of 6 and we were all walking as fast as we could to get back to the hotel!

    You could go out to Simpsons Gap or the Desert Park but they’re a fair way out of town and you may not have time in one afternoon.

    hope that helps a bit Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Oct 2008 sam0412 said


    I went on the Territory & Outback tour in July this year – which incorporates your tour. I went with a friend, so cant help you on the travelling solo bit, but can help you on the rest.

    Alice Springs is pretty boring and basic. Bojangles is ok, but nothing special, and kinds expensive. Dont bother about the Desert Wildlife Park – really really boring. I think you do Simpson’s Gap as part of the tour. Apart from that, all you can do is wander around and check out the shops – they arent anything special, but should fill in a morning at least!
    Alice is pretty safe to walk around at night… but would recommend at least having one other person with you…. or catch a cab back to the hotel, will only cost you $5!
    The bush camp was dusty and dirty and basic… and as it was winter when we went, it was minus 5 degrees… but you wont have that problem. Be prepared to get dirty… as it was so cold, we didnt shower, but you prob wont have that prob. The swags arent too bad…suprisingly comfy they should be good in summer. as mambo0202 said, you dont get access to your luggage for the time you are there, so the guide will tell you to pack a seperate bag, then they will open the bus for certain times each day to let you get to your small bag.

    Have a great time. Im Australian, and had an absolute ball on my tour… the outback is pretty amazing!

  • 27 Oct 2008 Pattie said


    hello NahDZ & sam0412,

    Thanks a lot for your replies & tips! Really, really appreciate that Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> . OK, I’ll stick with exploring Alice during the day & make sure I get back by evening.

    By the way, is a windbreaker- the basic sports type –, enough to keep warm at night? Really not sure how hot or cold it would be?…. Confused<!-graemlin::confused:—>:

    thank you once again!

    oh btw, i have got myself a flashlight. really counting down now Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 27 Oct 2008 Pattie said


    By the way….. are there any options that i should absolutely go for?

    I intend to try the go on a Scenic flight to see the rocks. Is $80 worth it?
    Not sure if I should go for the Harley bike tour?

    Alice Springs:
    At $245, the hot air ballooning is way too expensive for me though i think the experience will be nice.

    Kings Canyon:
    I am definitely going to try the Quad bike excursion.
    Not sure if I should do the Camel ride ($50) & Helicopter ($65) ride as well?

    once again, if you have any advice… that would be very much appreciated =)

    thank you!

  • 28 Oct 2008 NaHdz said


    A scenic flight over the rock would be excellent I didn’t do it because I didn’t have time but if I had I would’ve parted with my $80 in a heartbeat!

    The quad biking at Kings Creek Station is the most fun I had when I was up there!! It really is an awesome experience!

    As far as the weather goes I went in May and it was warm during the day but I froze at night time…even though you’re going in November it still might get a bit chilly at night and your windbreaker will probably be fine..

  • 29 Oct 2008 Pattie said


    hello NaHdz,

    Thank you for the tips! Cool<!--graemlin::cool:-->
    OK, i’ll just bring along a windbreaker & am going on the scenic flight over Uluru & do the Quad biking for sure Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    If any one has anything to share on the other options or anything, do drop a line.

    MANY MANY THANKS all of you =)

    really counting down now…

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