European Inspirations - 9th July 2011

10 Feb 2011 Ash from Aus asked


Hi guys!

My name is Ashlee and I'm from good ol Aus. I am going on this tour that departs 9th July, so just wanted to see who else was going on this tour! Lets have a chat, I'd be intersted to talk to some people before the tour as I am going solo so thought it would be nice to have some familiarity in a foreign country!

  • 11 Feb 2011 CindyfromGTA said


    Oh have fun! I am doing the July 28th one! I’m in the same boat as you!

  • 2 Apr 2011 Paige101 said


    Hi Ash
    I am doing the June 9th tour with a friend :) We’re both from Aus as well. I’m so excited :)

    Where in Aus are you from?

  • 10 Apr 2011 Ash from Aus said


    Im from QLD, where are you guys at? I am pretty keen to get over there too!

  • 12 Apr 2011 Paige101 said


    We’re from NSW, there is a fb group now for this tour if you want to add me I can add you to the group, there are a couple of other people going solo :)

  • 13 Apr 2011 Ash from Aus said


    Oh really? That would have been good but didn’t you say your going in June? Mines in July!

  • 16 Jun 2011 Explorer1260084 said


    Hey Ash :)
    Im from South Africa and also doing the european inspiration departing on the 9th of july 2011 and also travelling solo!

    excited :)



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