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Any specific safety tips for Asian Adventure tour?

16 Feb 2011 Jay asked


I can fully appreciate being on tour/holiday in a foreign destination. While one wants to trust the group and have a great experience, are there any specific safety tips for a tour to Asia? Things to be wary of or avoid doing?

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  • 3 Apr 2011 ryan_m said


    The best advice will be common sense. When I did the tour back in February 2011. A group of us decided to go out after clubbing in Luang Prabang. We were taken to a small bar around 2am. When we entered the small bar, NOBODY was drinking. That was really odd. When were about to order a round. People were closing the main entrance. Once we saw that, we literally gathered everyone up and left ASAP.

  • 5 Apr 2011 Chris H said

    Chris H

    I went on this tour in back in Jan last year and the only thing I can say is to go with an open mind, your tour manager will tell you everything you need to know once you get there.

  • 5 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    Ok I’ve got a couple questions for those who’ve done it already:

    1. What’s the dress like when going into temples etc. I know it’s going to be hot when I got next month, but they expect you to cover up your back if you wear a tank etc?
    2. Long pants vs short pants?
    3. Did you use a lot of mosquito repelant?

    I’m a chick…just in case some of the questions sound odd…


  • 6 Apr 2011 ryan_m said


    Hey Paloma,
    1. The Grand Palace is very strict when it comes to clothing, you just have to make sure your shoulders are covered and that your dress covers your knees (applies to all temples)
    2. I only took a pair of jeans, and went to MBK mall and bought ALL my clothing for the trip. Its really really cheap. I only wore jeans once and that was to the Grand Palace. Wearing shorts everyday is a norm.
    3. You dont have to wear it. Out of the whole group. I believe I was the one bitten the most. As for Malaria tablet/pills, our tour manager said it wasnt necessary.


  • 7 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    @ Ryan M…thx a bunch for that info!! Soooo…since u were so nice to answer…can I ask a couple more??

    1. Currency – before I leave Canada should I bring the currency for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos or should I just change the US over there?

    2. How much cash is needed per day for food etc? Need a rough estimate of what I should bring.

    That’s it for now I guess…


  • 7 Apr 2011 Explorer1239831 said


    I went to laos and thailand last year but not on a tour. Safety wise its not as bad as people make out, just be aware that people are going to try to rip u off so always barter for a price.

    In luang prabang the bars shut early, i think 2am but bowling is open till 3am, u can drink there and we had a great time.

    I needed mosquito repellant, we were all covered in bites.

    As for money, its just as easy to get it out at an ATM. Thailand also has heaps of money exchange places with no comission and decent rates (better than aus airport) if u take your own currency with u. In laos the atm has a max limit of 900 000 kip per transaction which was like $300 from memory i think, but the atm tended to run out of money towards the end of the day. You will need very little money for food.. Depending on what sort of places u eat meals meals are from $1.50 to $10. It is more expensive for food in thailand, I cant remember exactly but probably about $5. More if u eat in very nice places.

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